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snake spirit animal

Snake Spirit Animal Meaning: Rebirth Cycle

Snake Spirit Animal: Healing and Wisdom

The snake spirit animal is a reminder that you are about to enter a season of transition whereby you will have to initiate change. Like the snake shedding their skin, it is a sign that you must renew your life and become a different person. In other words, it is time to stay away from your old ways and focus on something that will make your future great. Remember that your past has been full of struggles because you did not flow with the lifestyle. Equally, your past ways should become a story for another day because it will never decide your future.


Is the snake your spirit animal? If yes, then healing is upon you. According to your forefathers, if a snake’s venom did not kill you, you would become a strong person. In life, someone can throw insults at you or speak lies about you. In that sense, if you become calm and have a positive attitude, you will become successful. Notably, revenge should not be the case because you will hurt yourself more.


Snake Spirit Animal Symbolism

The Snake animal totem, traveler of unseen ways through the tall grass, giver of enlightenment, and the coil of sexual fire at the base of the spine. The snake sheds her skin to change who she is, reinventing herself repeatedly throughout her life.

The snake spirit totem is the symbol of eternity, Ouroboros biting her tail, showing the continuation of the cycle from one stage to the next. When she coils upon herself, she is the sacred spiral, tied to spiritual energy and healing worldwide.


But the Snake spirit’s meaning is also revealed throughout the world. The Druids had the snakes that St. Patrick drove out of Ireland. The adder was tattooed as a part of their order being the symbol referred to.

The snake was the tempter that gave enlightenment, disguised as an apple from the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. The term ‘snake in the grass’ is commonly used to refer to someone perceived as deceitful or private about their true purpose or activities.


Snake Associated Traits

Death/Rebirth cycle, Eternity, Life’s Mysteries, Psychic potential, calmness, aggressive, Focused,


Symbolic Meaning Of Snake

The Snake symbolism brings wisdom with her, teaching us that growth and development throughout our life happen in stages. Every so often, we will find ourselves having grown through our life, from tip to tail of the snake’s path, until we are at the snake’s head. Besides, everyone is blessed with wisdom, but not everyone can apply it daily. The difference between successful people and desperate people is the application of wisdom.

Snake meaning represents your strongholds. To become successful in life, you need to have your strengths at hand. The snake uses its calmness to hunt or attack you. No one should know your next step because your enemies are there to see your downfall. So, be calm like the snake and let your actions be wild like the snake. Also, it is necessary to set certain boundaries whereby not everyone is welcomed into your life unless you are part of the idea.

Is Seeing a Snake Good Luck?

it is probably a sign of good luck because it is warning you of the dangers ahead of you. In other words, it is guiding your instincts to take care and be concerned about the steps that you will be taking. Do not misguide yourself by taking someone’s decisions without proper understanding. That might misguide your step and do the wrong things in life.

In our mouth is the beginning of our next stage, and as we move forward, we cast off the old skin of our past. We emerge shiny and new in our skin, having shed off past habits, thoughts, and in some cases, our very nature to become someone new. But we start the process again, growing from the thin starting point of our tail until we reach the head again, ready to start anew.

Snake Power Animal

The Snake spiritual totem’s closeness to the earth is evident in their lack of legs and their ability to disappear when motionless on the same. She teaches the wisdom of gaining energy and enlightenment from our environment. She does not generate her heat but draws it from the sun and the sun-warmed earth.

Wisdom is on its way when the Snake symbol is in your life. It is time for you to prepare for a transformation as she shows you the hidden ways of the earth. These secrets will lead to a transformation of mind and spirit, which will set you once again on the learning path.

Dream Interpretation of the Snake

To dream of being bitten by a snake is a warning that someone is working behind your back to destroy your success. The dream is to warn you of your colleagues that you hang around with. Alternatively, apply your wisdom in every step because it will guide you to the right people. Those against you will not have room to understand your moves because you play your game differently.

The good side of snakes in your dreams is the creation of awareness. In other words, behaving like a snake can make you extraordinary because no one will ever understand what you are up to until they see your position. Ultimately, being calm and becoming a good listener can make you successful. On the other hand, it is crucial to be aggressive because you will understand what is going on in life.

Spiritual Meaning of Snake

A snake spirit guide reminds you that being calm and courageous will earn you a great life. According to the Bible, brave people will get what they deserve regardless of where they are. Also, your position should not become the determination of your fate because you can make your life different. More so, moving to a place that suits your dreams is necessary.

The snake totem signifies the importance of correcting mistakes and seeking forgiveness whenever you wrong someone. A better life comes to those who are free and have easy minds to let go of their past. Besides, your past life was meaningful. It will guide you on what you should not do in life.

Importance of Snake Spirit Animals

The meaning of seeing a snake in your path is a sign of a good omen. In other words, it indicates that you are letting go of your past life by choosing another path. When you take a spiritual path, there can be a high chance that a snake can cross your path. That means greatness is coming closer to your life. You will only enjoy life when you decide to guide yourself by doing what is right.

Snake Spirit Animal: Conclusion

Snake spirit signifies the importance of understanding your strong and weak points. Specifically, when you want to succeed in life, no one should ever know your weak points, or they will use them to hit you. Being calm is the best way to hide your weaknesses. Then, no one will have the chance to understand you better. Equally, your strengths are simplified by the results that you earn in your daily life.

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