Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Spiritual Makeover: Develop Your Inner Self

Spiritual Makeover – Define

The spiritual makeover is looking at your life from a different angle. Every day we get up, go to work, eat, sleep. The daily tasks we do, sound monotonous. It’s nothing unusual that we do every day. But if we look from a different perspective, think of each day as a new day, wake up with a smile, love the work we do, eat healthy, work out, sleep to have beautiful dreams,

it changes everything. We can turn our usual boring life, which we curse at an interesting life that we love every moment we live.


Help Others, Help Yourself

It is just the perspective of looking at a half-empty glass as a half-full glass. But, unfortunately, we get so busy in our lives trying to achieve big that we forget to enjoy those little pleasures that life gives us every day.

To be spiritual does not mean you pray every day just because it’s a routine. It does not mean that you spend a fortune building a 3-story house for 2 people and not help the poor who spend the night on the street, with a shelter. Being spiritual means you help not only others but yourself too.


Take out time to spend with yourself, and with your family, and help the needy. The immense satisfaction and peace of mind that you will get out of are a true testament to being spiritual.

You can’t be spiritual in one day. You have to take baby steps towards it and continue to make efforts every day to achieve a spiritual heart. It is not something you can be taught. It is something you need to understand and practice and practice to achieve.


Go to A Jungle

Some people think, that if they leave their families and their homes, go to the jungle, and meditate, they will be spiritual, maybe it is their definition, and some people might have succeeded in this, but what’s the point in being spiritual when you can’t share it with even your family.

I don’t consider it a good idea to abandon your family and friends because you weren’t peaceful. If you don’t have peace of mind, that’s because there is some problem with how you look at things. Why do you have to give remote control of your moods and emotions in anyone else’s hands?

It would be best to control your emotions and not be driven by what others do. Yes, life is hard, but it’s not just hard for you, everybody has ups and downs in life, but it’s the downs that teach you and make you stand strong.

Tips to climb up the Steps of the Spiritual Makeover ladder


1. Be easy on yourself. It is not necessary to be perfect always.

You always tend to make mistakes. It’s life. You cannot escape them. No matter how hard you try to be perfect, you will miss out on one thing or the other. So now there are two options, either to keep thinking about the things we missed, or enjoy the thing you achieved.

Although perfectionists reading this won’t agree, there is no harm in trying. Maybe you like this idea. Plus, it doesn’t mean that you don’t keep improving yourself, just to take it light and easy. Remember, mistakes are your best teachers. No matter how much you hate these teachers, they are in your life to make you a better person.

2. Don’t expect too much from others

You spent a fortune buying an expensive gift for your best friend’s birthday, but you got a bouquet in return. Though at the back of your mind, you also wanted something expensive in return. Do things for others because you want to and feel good about it, not because they will return the favor.

If you think of a return before doing anything for somebody, you are not doing it right. Always think of yourself as a giver and not a taker. When you give someone graciously, the universe will give back to you.

3. Spend time with yourself

You are always in a rush. Even if you are sitting, your mind is always rushing to complete your tasks, finding a way out of something, or trying to achieve something big. There is no rest at all. No time for yourself. Take some time to relax and be with yourself.

Spend 5-10 minutes every day to meditate, think about all the things you have, and thank God for the beautiful life, beautiful nature around you, and your healthy body. Think about how lucky you are to be here, to be able to read and understand. You should be thankful for what you have. Not everybody is as fortunate to have all the things as you do.

4. Let go for a spiritual makeover

Let go of your past, some unexpected events that happened, and you took it to your heart, learn to let go of them. They do no good except bring restlessness and hatred into your heart. Everything happens for a reason. Therefore, it is not right to blame yourself or consider yourself unlucky.

Learn to be stronger and face life challenges with even more strengthening, slowly and slowly. Try to master the process of letting go, and eventually, things and people around you will stop bothering you.

5. Communicate with family and friends

When you communicate openly and freely, it is a sign of trueness within you. The more you communicate your feelings with others, the more peace it will bring to you. Sometimes, we have a habit of keeping things to ourselves and interpreting a different meaning of what was said. If we talk and express ourselves, half of the things are sorted immediately.

You will be healed instantly. No, I don’t mean that we have to keep talking throughout the day, but when you feel there is a need to clear some air between your family members or friends or acquaintances, rather talk it out and refresh the air.

6. Learn to forgive for a spiritual makeover

If we do not forgive others, we fall from the bridge we once created. The moment we decide to forgive, all those numerous atoms inside our bodies are healed at once. Everyone in this world is unique, we gel with some people, and those are our friends and some people we just know. If we accept others as they are and forgive others for things we don’t like, there will be no wars in this world.

Love the imperfections in others and embrace them. Forgiveness is the key to the door of Inner peace. Learn to forgive not only others but yourself too. You are also part of this same world with some imperfections.

7. The only constant thing in this world is ‘Change.’

As quickly as we learn to adapt to this ever-changing world, we will be easier in life. Nobody likes change, and change is painful, but sometimes pain is for good. Everything around us is changing so quickly. If we stand stubborn and do not adjust, this pain will be even harder. Strengthen your self-esteem and embrace this change which will lead to your personal growth and self-development.

spiritual makeover

Your mind can manipulate, but your heart only loves. For me being spiritual means being spiritual at heart. If your heart rules in your body, you won’t make decisions that will hurt others. You would always be sympathetic and generous. Your mind may not like it, but who cares as long as you are happy?