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Feng Shui and Mood – Creating The Positive

Feng Shui And Mood Creating Positive

The 21st century—feeling tense, irritable, and stressed from sunup to sundown at work and home. We can’t seem to relax, feel calm, or at peace. There is no escape from it all unless we spend a lot of money to go on a long, luxurious vacation. How often do people feel a sense of peace and contentment? If something could be done to bring success, calm, and tranquillity to our lives, wouldn’t we want to try it? The world is an ordered place, but humans have created a disorder in their own spaces, bodies, and minds. Let us see how Feng Shui can influence your mood.

There is stunted energy, negativity, and stress surrounding these spaces bringing tension to everyone’s lives around them. This bad energy is released into every situation in life and creates an environment and atmosphere that no one wants to be a part of.


Chi is the life force that pulses through everyone and everything. It flows and moves like water or wind, and it is a natural force that connects each thing to the other. Imagine harnessing this force and allowing it to flow freely from space to space, through bodies and minds, giving energy and peace as it went.

This is the meaning of Feng Shui. Many people understand the basic idea, but few understand how to fully reinvent the spaces in their lives to attract positivity, hope, good luck, and success. It goes beyond moving furniture around and adding a few mirrors.

What is Feng Shui?

It is an ancient Chinese art form, practiced for thousands of years. Also, it is a way of life that’s about ordering objects and choosing colors, smells, sounds, and spaces. The promotion of positive energy flow is directly connected to Feng shui for emotions and mood.


If the home or the office or especially the mind is cluttered, the flow and balance (chi) are inhibited, leading to irritability, tension, stress, low moods, or even depression. But, once all of the “junk” is cleared away, peace can take its place, and a warm, positive vibe may enter into space.

What is Chi?

Chi is free to flow and move through the people, the objects, and the space. Feng is the wind, and Shui is water, the two main elements with flowing and moving quality. These two elements carry the chi, and by using Feng Shui to order our surroundings, we can aid the flow of chi and thus positively affect our own lives.


Imagine it this way. Please think of the feeling of entering someone’s cluttered home that has dark spaces and things not in their proper and organized place.

The colors are bland and do not fit with each other. There is too much in each room, and objects are just in piles and shoved into corners.

Then, think of a home that is clean, well-lit, colorful, and organized. Each thing has its proper place and proper use. Which space feels calmer? In which home would people feel welcomed and inspired? Which home would feel good to come home to? When caught in the stunted flow space, like the first house, there are both physical and spiritual effects.


Living Room in a Cramped Place

In that type of cramped area, without logic or order, there is something like a dam against the flow of chi that traps good energy and keeps it from flowing freely. Life is crazy, busy, and unexpected.

Why not do whatever is possible to create living and workspaces that are peaceful and organized, which will feel like an oasis to return to? And by doing so, all other areas of life will be positively affected.

But, here’s the catch. It can be not easy to get into the swing of a Feng Shui lifestyle fully, and it could cost a lot of money if you revamp all at once. Repainting, getting new furniture, adding new pieces, etc., could be a long and difficult process if starting from square one.

But, start a little at a time, and changes in the space and lifestyle will begin to affect you. It’s hard for anyone to go from zero to sixty in two seconds flat. Start slowly, and introduce the aspects of Feng Shui bit by bit.

Here are some easy ways to begin using Feng Shui to bring about positive moods and create a positive lifestyle:

#1. Purge

Go through the house and the office, and get rid of any unnecessary items in the work or the living space. “Unnecessary items” mean ones that aren’t used, do not bring pleasure to the owner and take up space with no real purpose at all.

This is very difficult for many people, but the feeling of releasing items, whether physical, mental, or spiritual, from the lives that we don’t need is wonderfully freeing.

#2. Bring on nature

Think about finding ways to add natural light to the living or workspace. Keep curtains light and fresh-looking, and add a window or a skylight. Sometimes, open the windows or the doors to bring in the fresh air instead of using the AC. Remember, Feng means wind.

feng shui mood

Bring natural wind and new breath to the home or the work area. Lastly, head to the greenhouse and grab some fresh green plants! Plants help to clean the air and add a unique and healthy look.

#3. Think about the colors

Colors are more important than people think. Be purposeful when choosing colors for walls or furniture pieces. Each color has the energy that it brings to the area, so be informed about which colors do. This is a quick list of the generally accepted meanings and vibes of each color when considering Feng Shui for mood.

Red is warm and represents passion and power.

Green implies freshness and health and feels soothing.

Yellow portrays happiness and inspiration.

Blue and grey both give off the vibes of calm and relaxation.

Purple gives off an air of luxury.

Black makes a statement that draws the eye and symbolizes power.

White feels clean and pure but should be used sparingly.

With this knowledge, try to plan accordingly when decorating to decide which statements should be made in each room, in the house, or in the work area as a whole.

#4. Meditate

This article discusses ways people can physically practice Feng Shui, but how can it be practiced mentally and spiritually? Meditation helps organize and de-clutter the mind to usher in peace, contentment, and a renewed perspective.

Take a few minutes each day, preferably in the morning, and meditate—calm the mind and the body and relax in that tranquil place. It’s unbelievable how well this Feng Shui activity changes people’s daily lives!

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art, still has relevance today in our busy lives. Whether it’s the office or the home, the mind or the body, Feng Shui can have dramatic effects on the mood of those who put it into practice.

Not only will a better home and workplace be created, but daily contentment, peace, and success will follow. Imagine the effects of having an organized and welcoming place in which to work or live. Get started on the journey towards practicing Feng Shui and increasing positivity today!

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