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7 Ways To Bond With Your Mother-In-Law

7 Ways To Bond With Your Mother-In-Law

Are you already married, or are you planning on getting married? Being friends, or at least getting along with, your mother-in-law can great help or harm a relationship.

This article will outline some great ways in which you can get to know your mother-in-law better and how you can bond with her. Whether you are a husband getting to know your wife’s mother, or a wife getting to know her husband’s mom, then these tips can work for you.


#1. Go Out Together

Much of the time, mother-in-laws want to get to know you as much as you want to get to know them. One great way to do this is to spend some time alone with in a relaxed environment. You can take her out to lunch or go shopping with her. Women love to spend time with the people they care about, or people that they want to care about.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>Show her that you care by paying special attention to her, and paying for her meal. Spending time together outside of the house will also give you two new things to talk about. You could even make it a weekly mother-in-law and you type of date.


#2. Share Recipes

If you’ve just gotten married, then it is likely that you’re going to have children soon. It is common to think that grandmothers are great cooks and bakers, and I’ve never seen it proven wrong. So, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to learn how to cook as well as she does, or even give her some new recipes to try. Even if you don’t like what she makes, it would be wise to pretend that you do as well. Cooking together is a great way to form a bond.


#3. Help Out Around the House

Mother-in-laws may not have the time to do things outside of the house because they are so busy taking care of their own home. They will love it if you can help them out with some chores. Who knows? Maybe one day they’ll return the favor. Anyway, most mother-in-laws will appreciate some extra help around the house, and once they’re done with that then they’ll have more time to spend outside of the house with you.


#4. Break out the Scrapbooks

Mothers and mother-in-laws are notoriously sentimental about their children, and there is no doubt that they will love to share their memories with you. It might even be fun to learn more about your husband or wife’s childhood through pictures. She may even want to be shown some of your scrapbooks as well to see what you were like as a child. This can be a great way to bond, even if some of the pictures are embarrassing.


#5. Play Games

Playing board or card games can also be a great way to bond. You could even have some friendly competition between you and your partner and your parents-in-law. Game night could become a regular thing that could help the whole family to bond together. Even if you want to play a game alone with her, it makes for a great opportunity to talk and share stories.

#6. Let her Teach you Something New

People older than yourself often are full of knowledge that you may not know about, and they tend to love to share that knowledge. She could teach you a new knitting pattern, how to sew new clothes, teach you an old language, or any number of things. She might even want you to teach her something as well. It can be a great combination of learning old and new things. You can bond with each other, along with each other’s culture and generational skills.

#7. Gossip

What mother doesn’t like gossiping with her family members? Simply keeping in touch, sharing family news, or repeating a story you heard from a friend can be a great way to keep your mother-in-law interesting in talking to you. She will likely listen to what you say and throw in some gossip of her own. Of course, it is best not to gossip about your husband/wife and their family. Leave that to your mother-in-law.

Many mother-in-law’s dream of being grandmothers, and encouraging her to talk about it will likely put her in a good mood. If you are planning on having a child then talk to her about how you feel about the whole thing. Are you excited, nervous, both? It is likely that your mother-in-law will love to talk to you about it no matter how you’re feeling. She may even have some cute baby stories to tell, some old clothes to give you, or some general baby tips or baby names.

Hopefully these tips can help you to better bond with your mother-in-law. Good luck!

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