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Bad Feng Shui – 7 Common Effects

Bad Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of harmonizing an environment to create the perfect balance in most households in some form or another. Oh yes, that ornate tortoise you bought yesterday was one of them! Well, it looked good, you bought it, and now your living room table is better bedecked. Great, where’s the harm? Only that sometimes, your Feng-Shui arrangements may be aligned to create more harm than good. Let us read about bad Feng Shui.


At the end of the day, it is but a metaphysical science, which might have a darker side. If you are still cynical, then look at the scientific.

#1. Dead plants in your home

Feng Shui is all about energy and its flow. The positive energy that cleanses your world and makes it brighter, better, and more prominent. Of course, it doesn’t help if you end up keeping dead plants in your home, that kind of sucks up your world’s positivity.

It doesn’t take much to water a few potted plants. On the contrary, there are plenty of plants that can thrive on minimal water (Succulents are a hands-down winner in this category) while helping you create the right Feng Shui balance at your home.


All right, you don’t believe in oriental balance? Fine, let’s look at the scientific aspect of this – plants are considered excellent purifiers. So, if you replace your dead and drooping plants with ones green with vitality, not only do they infuse purer air to breathe, but their freshness makes a welcome visual break from the artificial monotony of the house.

#2. Placement of mirrors

People sometimes have a mirror fetish – those glasses are peeping out at strange angles and, worse still, facing each other that are not too conducive for the flow of energy in the house. Every house should be balanced by enough energy and then route the culmination efficiently.


Face-to-face mirrors end up destroying this current, very much like those eddies and whirlpools on a stream that consume energy and disrupt the harmonious flow. Similarly, mirrors reflecting the kitchen fire, doors, and windows may reflect the energy flow in an undesired direction.


#3. Plug that leakage

In Feng Shui’s symbolic world, any leakage of taps in the house is comparable to a loss or leakage of wealth and prosperity. Compare this to punctures in a taut pipe, leading to loss of energy, vitality, and the pressure with which the line was supposed to carry the water in the first place.

#3. Plug that leakage

This is, therefore, one of the foremost fixes that need to be effected. Any breakage in the household should be addressed immediately as a broken family points to a lack of responsibility and lacks the vital energy that powers the home.

This ends up in a deferred sense of prosperity and riches until the breakage is repaired. For the pragmatic mind, why keep aside a problem that has to be addressed someday? Why bother mopping the floor every day when the leaky faucet can be fixed for good?

#4. Choice of artifacts in your living space

People sometimes have a fancy choice of art, the living room being decorated with the choicest of grotesque art, which may look cool once in a while but maybe a constant source of negative energy.

Feng Shui believes that every artifact emanates its energy and needs to resonate with the environment for the whole to be greater than the sum of the parts. One single object can create a considerable reduction in this equation, and hence it’s best to decorate your living space with cheerful and bright things.

The mind needs to be constantly motivated with positive images and assurances. Even when we think we are not thinking, the subconscious mind plays a crucial role in running our mental programs.

This is why it’s important that the environment around us positively reinforces us. Swap any depressing or debilitating object or art for something more inspirational.

#5. Placement of appliances

Similar to artifacts, the placement of appliances in the wrong place is an absolute no-no. Just don’t keep that appliance there just because there’s no other space in the house. To the Feng Shui eye, the house is a giant jigsaw puzzle, but they all fit together to create the whole picture snugly.

So, there are no spare pieces tucked in, and yes, they all come together. So, leave the microwave in the kitchen but put the television out of the bedroom. The last thing you require, which is sleep, is a Norwich generator that makes an absolute mess of the energy balance.

You would prefer spending the last moments of the day in contemplation or conversation with your partner, not in cacophonous blaring of the day’s news. This in all probability is about the doomsday clock ticking faster with perennial war. And, not only does this create negative energy, but it just saps all the brightness in your mind just before you go off to sleep.

#6. Placing Doors and windows that causes bad Feng Shui

Another big one here! Doors and windows – the eyes of the house are the inlets and outlets of energy. Remember that just as it is important to draw in chi or energy and retain it in the room, equally important is to let it go. My analogy with water continues – the farmer waters his farms but just enough, too little, and the saplings dry to death, too much, and the plants are drowned. Just enough for the middle path! Letting in energy, remember that anything that appeals to the human eye soberly helps attract chi or energy.

A beautiful walkway leading to your house, a well-carpeted green garden, and a beautiful door are all good examples of luring in the energy., so avoid a door or window exactly opposite the entrance. Or the energy flows out without lingering in the house.

Feng shui mirrors

A bright, well-lit house without dark corridors seems so inviting and comfortable. Same with Similarly, there need to be windows to let the energy out. In large windows,  the energy flutters away. In small windows, the energy gets pressed in the house.

As always, the flow is necessary. With an oversized square gap in the middle.  The building was built between the sea and a hill and that is the spirit of the sea.

#7. Let it Flow

By now, you would have already learned that the energy needs to flow freely and gaily. So reduce the hindrances in your house, and clear the clutter.   The chi will circulate, and you will find it building on your mood!

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