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8 Reasons Why Men Cheat In A Relationship

Why Men Cheat In A Relationship?

Let me start off by saying not all men cheat. Also, sex is not always the main reason why men cheat. Cheating, like all relationships is not always all about the sex. Generally, men cheat because they are unhappy. But this isn’t always the case either.


They may cheat because they are not satisfied with themselves, their relationship or their life. Men who cheat usually do so because they are insecure. They need reassurance that they are a man outside of what they are getting from their current relationship.

8 Reasons Why Men Cheat In A Relationship.

#1. Emotional Insecurity

Men want to feel attractive to the opposite sex. A lot of times they might not be getting this satisfaction or emotional support from their current partner. Some men cheat because the relationship they are in is already over. Or they want to end it and don’t know how.


Or they cheat because they are just not that into you or maybe not in love with you anymore. He may actually be in love with the other woman. Maybe he isn’t in love with the other woman but she doesn’t complain about his bad habits.

Men want to feel attractive to the opposite sex.

#2. Addiction

Another top reason men cheat is addiction. For some it is drugs and alcohol or nicotine addiction. Others have an addiction to sex. Sometimes drugs and alcohol cause infidelity and the person may not even have a problem or addiction.


They may have used or abused for only one night but drugs and alcohol lower your inhibitions and impair your judgment. The cheater may later regret his behavior but that does not change it.

#3. Bored In Current Relationship

Some men cheat because they are bored or mad at their wife or girlfriend. They want attention or are hoping to invoke jealousy. Or they just want to try something new. Sometimes they want to fulfill a fantasy whether it is to be with a younger woman or to try something their wife won’t try.


They crave sexual variety whether this is trying some thing new and different in bed or having a new and different partner in their bed. Others cheat because they think they will get away with it or that their wife or girlfriend won’t do anything about it.

Or he doesn’t think you care or maybe he wants an open relationship. Maybe he doesn’t believe in monogamy or he thinks all couples cheat. (Know the secret to a happy relationship).

Some men cheat because they are bored or mad at their wife or girlfriend.

#4. Curiosity

There are men who are just curious to see what cheating is all about. Or to see what it is like to be with another woman. Maybe their friend did it and got away with it or his friend is bragging about the woman or the experience.

#5. Getting Back

Some men cheat because they are upset about something else. He might be mad at his boss or his family. It may not even be you but he wants to feel better and he thinks sex will help. (Is Your Job Killing Your Relationship?)

#6. Opportunity

Another reason men cheat is because the opportunity is there. A hot woman hits on them and they don’t think they will get this opportunity again. Or they don’t want to pass this chance up.

Some men cheat because they are upset about something else.

#7. Spouse Not Attractive

Some men say they cheat because their wife let herself go. She has gained weight or doesn’t take care of herself anymore. She doesn’t try to get dressed up or to please him. Men need reassurance and attention just like anyone else.

And if they do not get it they may stray. Some men cheat because their wives are mean to them or constantly nagging them and they don’t get this from the other woman.

#8. Thrill

Sometimes men cheat for the thrill of getting away with it or doing something they shouldn’t be doing. Sometimes they think their wives don’t have sex with them enough. And they just want more. More attention and more sex.

Sometimes men cheat for the thrill of getting away.

There are so many reasons that men cheat. But ultimately if they really cared about their current relationship and valued their current partner they wouldn’t want to hurt her. Sure sometimes there are extenuating circumstances and there are some things that some people will allow in their relationships and others won’t.

It is up to each couple to decide what their own rules are. As one of the people in the relationship you know what your girlfriend or wife wants from you. If you want to keep your relationship strong and happy you know what to do. You also know what not to do. It is up to you to decide and deal with the consequences of your choice.

 There are so many reasons that men cheat.

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