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Uranus in Signs

Uranus In Signs Symbolism & Meanings

Uranus In Signs Astrology

Uranus can affect all zodiac signs, even when it does not directly dictate them. In astrology, planet Uranus is known for causing people’s lives to feel “upside down.” Let us see the influence of Uranus in signs.


A person will likely experience a new shock or sudden new opportunities during this time. This can lead to great new epiphanies in their lives, or it can lead to major stress and other problems. Sometimes Uranus is even to blame for “mid-life crises.”

Uranus In The 12 Zodiac Signs Meanings

Uranus In Aries

The Uranus In Aries

Aries, independent as always, will feel even more so when Uranus is in its sign. You may feel like you are more courageous and be ready to start a rebellion. You will be ready to try new things during this time. However, if someone interferes with your new plans, it is likely that you will not take it very well. And, you may even lash out in anger. Try to keep your temper cool during this time.


Uranus In Taurus

The Uranus In Taurus

Taurus may feel a sudden desire to work, or at least earn more money when Uranus is in this sign. You have the initial push to work harder. Also, you will be rewarded with financial gains and other perks of working in the business. Work hard during this time, and you won’t regret it.

Uranus In Gemini

The Uranus In Gemini

Gemini will not be so easily swayed by Uranus as some of the other star signs are. Thus, Gemini will continue to be headstrong when it comes to learning all that they can and doing the best work possible. They may feel more distracted than normal with Uranus trying to throw them on a new track though.


Uranus In Cancer

The Uranus In Cancer

Cancerians will feel even more emotional when Uranus is in  Cancer. However, their intuition will be stronger than ever. Go with your gut and trust your emotions during this time. It could lead you to a better understanding of yourself and lead you to success.


Uranus In Leo

The Uranus In Leo

Leo is made up of determined people, and that won’t stop when Uranus is in this sign. However, normally focused on making money through tough careers, Leo may be more open-minded to the idea of selling art or doing other creative projects.

Uranus In Virgo

The Uranus In Virgo

Uranus in Virgo will be beneficial. They may leap to provide help to others, possibly even choosing careers in hospital or research to further help others. Of course, they will not forget about themselves. Virgo will take better care of their health as well.

Uranus In Libra

The Uranus In Libra

Libra’s view on love and relationships will change when Uranus is in this sign. In the past, the way romantic relationships have worked had changed when Libra’s were under Uranus. Further changes in love and relationships may continue to occur.

Uranus In Scorpio

The Uranus In Scorpio

Scorpio will look back and forward at the same time when Uranus is in this sign. They are likely to change the meaning of what a sexual relationship is. At the same time, they are likely to look back on old traditions and try to live a more natural or familiar lifestyle.

Uranus In Sagittarius

The Uranus In Sagittarius

Uranus in Sagittarius will be struck with a need to understand more. Philosophers may thrive during this time. The need to think, and reinvent the way that they do things will feel natural to this sign. But, they will be making many changes in the process.

Uranus In Capricorn

The Uranus In Capricorn

Capricorn may act strangely when Uranus is in their sign. They can be more materialistic and unsociable during this time. So much so that it can lead to economic changes. Be wary, being too focused on possessions can lead you away from being spiritual.

Uranus In Aquarius

The Uranus In Aquarius

Aquarius, who Uranus dominates, will feel a need to change themselves and their surroundings during this time. They may start with small changes in their own lives, or they may try to change the political and social aspects of life.

Uranus In Pisces

The Uranus In Pisces

Pisces is blessed by Uranus. They will want to look away from the dirtied past and look forward to trying to make things better for the up-and-coming generations to come. However, they will not forget their need for spiritual consciousness, which can guide them to do great things.

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