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jupiter in signs

Jupiter In Signs Symbolism & Meanings

Jupiter In Signs Astrology

Planet Jupiter is not only important for children but to everyone. It can work alone to lead to success. But, it often works with the other planets to reach the same goal as well. Jupiter in signs controls success in business, finances, and general fortune.


Jupiter only passes onto a new zodiac sign once a month. You need to have a confident and optimistic attitude if you want Jupiter to work in your favor. Timing is important when it comes to Jupiter being able to help with money. So knowing about Jupiter in signs is significant.

Jupiter In The 12 Zodiac Signs Meanings

Jupiter In Aries

The Jupiter In Aries

When Jupiter is in Aries, Arians will be emotionally pulled. Aries will feel more optimistic, confident, and mentally stronger during this time. Aries may feel a surge in faith or a need for adventure when Jupiter is in this star sign.


Jupiter In Taurus

The Jupiter In Taurus

Taurus can be affected by Jupiter in strange ways. When Jupiter is in Taurus, they will strive to get more. More goals are done, take in more money, and have more ideas. This may be good at first. But after a while, it may start to stress out the Taurus and be counter-productive. Taureans should pace themselves during this time.

Jupiter In Gemini

The Jupiter In Gemini

Gemini, always loving to learn, will work on this, even more, when Jupiter is in their sign. Their learning and thirst for knowledge will seem to be even more advanced during this time. But, so will their need to socialize and do new things.


Jupiter In Cancer

The Jupiter In Cancer

In astrology, Cancer can be heavily influenced by Jupiter. Cancerians will feel more loved and cared for during this time. As a result, they will be kinder to others. They will be more in tune with their own and others’ emotions. They will ambitiously do whatever they can to help.


Jupiter In Leo

Jupiter In Leo. Jupiter In Leo Have An Abundance Of Energy That Keeps Them On The Go All The Time.

Leo, a sign dominated by Jupiter (and the Sun), is heavily affected by the planet. During this time Leo will be especially successful in business and social situations. A Leo may be more outgoing and kinder during this time, gaining more friends along the way.

Jupiter In Virgo

The Jupiter In Virgo

When Jupiter is in Virgo, as constant as always, you will try to be steady. They may work harder and be more determined to get their goals done. But they will likely do this by sticking to a routine. They may be slowed down by paying too much attention to small details. But overall, Virgo will do their best to get projects done during this time.

Jupiter In Libra

The Jupiter In Libra

Libra’s careers and jobs are influenced by Jupiter. Jupiter in Libra can help you be successful in any career that you choose. Also, it will help to balance the Libra’s decisions to make sure that they are making the most effective choices possible.

Jupiter In Scorpio

The Jupiter In Scorpio

Scorpio, with Jupiter’s help, can attract good luck and fine-tune what they’re already good at. Their sense of intuition will be more advanced. So will their ability to see past lies and into reality. This can help a Jupiter in Scorpio person succeed when this planetary position occurs in the birth chart.

Jupiter In Sagittarius

Jupiter In Sagittarius

Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is always in the planet’s favor. When Jupiter is in its sign, Sagittarius is more likely to experience good luck and success in their jobs and socialization. Don’t let this go to your head. Jupiter, like any other astrological planet, has its flaws and doesn’t always deliver.

Jupiter In Capricorn

The Jupiter In Capricorn

Capricorn, always a hard worker and thirsty for knowledge, is ruled by Jupiter. When Jupiter is in its star sign, Capricorn experiences an even larger push to do their jobs correctly and to learn new things that can help to lead them to fortune and success.

Jupiter In Aquarius

The Jupiter In Aquarius

When Jupiter is in the Aquarius sign, it is more likely to try new things even if they seem a little too different. They will be tolerant of others who do not feel the same way. But they will still do new things, be more creative, and make others around them happy.

Jupiter In Pisces

The Jupiter In Pisces

Pisces, a child of Jupiter, is especially blessed when Jupiter is in its sign. While Pisces are already warm and generous people, they will be even more social during this time. They will likely make new friends (possibly even friends in high places) that can help to lead them to success.

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