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Sun In Signs Symbolism & Meanings

Sun In Signs Astrology

The Sun in signs is a highly important factor when it comes to determining our individuality. When an astrologer says that you are a Leo or a Capricorn, it means that the Sun was in that zodiac sign when you were born. The sun symbolizes more influence in certain star signs than it has with others.


If the sun is highly influential in your sign, then you are more likely to have a strong will and character. These people often have higher self-respect and a better outlook on life, which will help them to attract more good fortune and other things that may seem like good luck. However, they must also be careful not to be too controlling, or so goal-oriented that it makes them unhappy.

Let’s take a look at what it means to have the sun in the 12 zodiac signs in the birth chart and how it affects our personality.

Sun In The 12 Zodiac Signs Meanings

Sun In Aries

The Sun In Aries

Aries, especially those born in the first ten days of April, are especially influenced by the sun. Planet Mars also helps to lead an Aries in life. Mars makes people more courageous, strong, and full of energy. The Sun encourages you to be successful in romance or business by helping you to be more honest and noble in all of your endeavors.


Sun In Taurus

The Sun In Taurus People Are Deeply Rooted In Their Thoughts, Words And Actions.

Taurus, especially those born in the last week of April, is blessed with a more relaxed nature than Taurus’ born at other times. They tend to be more relaxed in their day-to-day lives. Only becoming headstrong and unyielding while aroused, the Sun in Taurus born at this time tends to possess the finer qualities of their sun sign at all times.

Sun In Gemini

The Sun In Gemini

Gemini, born in the first week of June, is influenced more by the sun than other Twins. These people tend to be more sensitive. They have the potential to claim high achievements. But, they are also more vulnerable to having deeper losses. These Gemini also love to learn but are often slow to apply what they know.


Sun In Cancer

The Sun In Cancer

Cancer, a sign in which the Sun does not heavily dominate, is still nonetheless affected by the Sun. When the other planets in your sign are not active, the sun goes to work. The Sun will help to boost your basic drive and personality. However, the Sun alone doesn’t have total control over Cancerians; keep true to your sign.


Sun In Leo

The Sun In Leo

Leo, the only zodiac sign “ruled” by the Sun, tends to be gentle and kind, as well as impulsive and passionate. Make sure that you do not confuse intuition with impulse. Do not make hasty decisions, or force other people to go along with your ideas. Stay loyal and consistent, as many Leo usually do.

Sun In Virgo

The Sun In Virgo

Virgo, especially those in a high position in government, commerce, or those who work with jewels, are highly favored by the Sun. With the Sun in Virgo in your natal chart, you often have long, important lives. However, you are bound in secrecy which you should try to guard against, even if it may seem difficult.

Sun In Libra

The Sun In Libra

Libra’s relationship with the Sun also relates to how they get along with their earthly fathers. The relationship is usually kept balanced. But, it may seem unnatural or ritualistic, with the couple having high expectations for the other. If you are a Sun in Libra person, try to keep your family relationships stable.

Sun In Scorpio

The Sun In Scorpio

Scorpios, when influenced by the Sun, are more determined to reach their goals. Scorpio will do whatever it takes to complete their goal, even if it may seem risky or even dangerous at the time. They will seem flexible in what they do, even though they are likely very nervous about what they are trying to do.

Sun In Sagittarius

The Sun In Sagittarius

Sagittarius, unlike Libra, has a strange relationship with their earthly father. They tend to be different from each other, but the Sagittarius will try to adapt to please their father. If their father tries to take control, they will likely have a short, but serious fight.

Sun In Capricorn

The Sun In Capricorn

Capricorn, like Virgo, is favored by the sun when they hold the same jobs or are in the same career paths as those mentioned in Virgo. This gives the Capricorn a large variety of jobs that they can take while still keeping their lives harmonious, happy, as well as interesting.

Sun In Aquarius

The Sun In Aquarius

Aquarius is not heavily dominated by the sun. They tend to be humanitarians. They care about other people and try to make them happy. They are also usually loyal in their romantic relationships. The Sun can help to keep an Aquarian motivated to help others while also keeping their self-esteem up.

Sun In Pisces

The Sun In Pisces

Pisces, also not heavily dictated by the Sun, can still lead a prosperous life. Pisces tend to be artistic, leaning towards aesthetics. They also can be passionate lovers, as well as loyal partners. The Sun can help to keep you determined to stick with the arts, as well as to keep your self-respect high in your relationships and daily life.

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