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Uranus Symbol Meanings

The Planet of Rebellion: Uranus

Uranus is one of the most outer planets in the system. It will have a slow orbit through the zodiac. It will have an effect that is more easily felt in a generation than person by person.

The planet Uranus has a new way of looking at the world and the things in it. People will be happy if they have an open mind about how Uranus will approach things. The planet will rule over being original and making creations. Uranus rules over the most new technology and future events.

The planet will not like keeping things the way they are. They will want to break away from what has been done and make a new way. They will not change basic foundation things like science or electricity. Uranus will support the idea of a new world order. This planet will encourage revolt, uprising, absolute rulers, autonomous states, and free will.

Uranus will not ever be seen as subtle. The planet will push people to be unpredictable and have strange behavior. It pushes for complex ideas. Uranus finds independence and being creative important. However, Uranus can be unexpected and violent. It will rule over natural disasters.Uranus will not ever be seen as subtle

Uranus will take 84 years to orbit the zodiac. It rules over Aquarius and the Eleventh House. It is the octave above Mercury. It is the first planet in the list of transcendental planets.

Uranus was the Roman god of the heavens and the sky. It has an energy that is electric and likely to change. The planet will look forward. People ruled by this planet do not like tradition. They prefer things that are original and individual. The planet is connected with technology, change, finding things, and development.

Uranus has positive traits that are connected to insight, being objective, progressive, unique, and clever. Uranus has negative traits that are being rebellious without a reason and having a lack of being responsible.

Uranus will react when they are not mature. However, if the people that Uranus rules over are familiar with their energies they can be very good with their intuition. Uranus symbolizes the flash of inspiration that leads to making something. Their influence of intuition will push people to study or investigate more.

Symbol and Symbolism

Uranus has a symbol made up of the cross that represents matter and the circle that represents spirit. It has a semi circle on both sides that will symbolize being receptive. The symbol for Uranus has the symbol for Venus upside down.

Uranus will represent being weird, art, and science. It symbolizes difference, creation, and revolt. It represents being original, the unexpected, and libido. It symbolizes discovery, not being traditional, insight, expression of self, and shock value.

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Uranus is an ancient Greek god, responsible for starting life in mythology. Uranus and Gaea both came from Chaos. Uranus was very willing to have the physical relationship with Gaea. However, he was not ready to be father and did not like the children their relationship produced.

Their children were giants and Cyclops and Uranus saw them as monsters. He is very male with a lot of authority but was not ready for the results of a physical relationship. The same personality can be seen in the influence of the planet.

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