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Uranus In Cancer

Uranus In Cancer: Significance and Meaning

Element And Quality: Water & Cardinal

Celebrities With Uranus In Cancer: Mahatma Gandhi, Hugo Chavez, Gus Van Sant, Bruce Jenner, Steve Jobs

Keywords for Uranus in Cancer: Unusual, Domestic, Understanding, Irrational, Erratic

Uranus In Cancer: Personality Profile

As a water sign Cancer is known for being emotional. That’s why Uranus in Cancer reacts stronger to things than others do, because their energy is focused toward how things make them feel. While they are intuitive and creative, they are also sensitive and need constant reassurance of their ideas.

Uranus symbolizes forward-thinking, original ideas, new technological innovations and  extreme changes. When Uranus in Cancer has a new idea they run it by others first to see how they receive it. They are a team player who work best in a group.

So their natural instinct is to check with their friends, family and colleagues before going forward with something. This sometimes backfires on them if they don’t explain the idea well enough or don’t get the reception they were hoping for.

Uranus In Cancer. Uranus In Cancer React Stronger To Things Than Others Do Because They Have A Constant Need For Reassurance.

Cancer Uranus Sign: Positive Traits

The best way to make Uranus in Cancer feel safe and secure is to reinforce their ideas with positive feedback and constructive criticism. And if they can work from home or schedule meetings there, they are much more comfortable in that kind of environment.

Any place that the Cancer Uranus zodiac sign has put forth a lot of energy to create a cozy setting, is the perfect meeting and brainstorming place for them. That’s where their creativity is strongest, and where you will get the best results from them.

They aren’t able to think straight if they are nervous or uneasy in any way. But give them the right atmosphere and the right attitude and they will deliver. Even though they are sensitive they are also social, and they love working with others. Put them in a productive group and they will fit right in. (Know how the moon influences your life)

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Cancer Uranus Sign: Negative Traits

Because they are so sensitive, the slightest negative comment may make them scrap the idea altogether, rather than try to improve it. This is often at the detriment of Uranus in Cancer, because they are so intuitive they usually have effective ideas. They can feel out a situation or a problem and choose the best way to solve it through gut instinct. But if they don’t fully trust their gut then they give up. (find out if you are a psychic)

Because of their emotional outbursts, Uranus in Cancer has to be careful not to annoy others with their impatience or nervous energy. While they are simply trying to express themselves and have their voice heard, others see them as a nuisance if they aren’t getting their point across in a comprehensive manner. They have a tendency to rush through the conversation, because they are afraid of people shooting them down.


Uranus in Cancer has to find more confidence in their ideas if they are to communicate with others effectively. Sometimes their irrational behavior comes off as quirky or eccentric, which can be a good thing for those who like a creative approach. Find your Uranus sign.

But it can also come off as irritable or erratic which does not offer a positive vibe. This can lead to feelings of insecurity and doubt, which will cause Uranus in Cancer to simply withdraw from the situation. No matter how much enthusiasm they have, it can be torn down by one negative comment.

If they are to be successful, they have to learn to communicate effectively and not react so quickly to bad news. If they can take the time to process each piece of information they may be able to control their feelings.

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