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mars in signs

Mars In Signs Symbolism & Meanings

Mars In Signs Astrology

Mars affects different people differently on different days. It may sound a bit strange, but it all depends on your zodiac sign. Mars in signs can cause mood swings and generally crabbiness. If you are a man born under a zodiac sign in which Mars dominates, then you may tend to be more aggressive.


Women, on the other hand, tend to be rather nervous. Both genders, as a general rule, should go with the flow. It does not do much to go against it when planet Mars is strongly influential on your sign. Know more about the influence of Mars in signs on your passionate nature, aggression, and anger.

Mars In The 12 Zodiac Signs Meanings

Mars In Aries

The Mars In Aries

Aries are influenced heavily by Mars. They tend to be aggressive and sometimes annoying. They can be witty and cynical but are smart to boot. When Mars is in Aries sign, these traits will become exaggerated. Try to keep yourself in check so that you do not lose friends or spoil business opportunities.


Mars In Taurus

The Mars In Taurus

Taurus, usually fair-tempered, isn’t usually affected by Mars heavily. Of course, Mars can still slightly affect this star sign. However, when Mars is in Taurus, they may experience abnormal or out-of-the-blue bad moods, but this should pass.

Mars In Gemini

The Mars In Gemini

Gemini, partially dominated by Mars, can have complications when Mars is in its sign. The power of Mars can give a Gemini energy to complete tasks. But, it can also make them stressed and quick to anger when things don’t go their way.


Mars In Cancer

The Mars In Cancer

Cancer, which is already quick to anger, can be affected negatively by Mars. The Crabs will only have to work harder to keep their temper in check when Mars is in Cancer. Try to stay away from annoyances and people you do not get along with.


Mars In Leo

The Mars In Leo

Leo, when Mars is in its sign, can be bothered easily. Leo can have sudden outbursts when they are annoyed by someone who does something petty or underhanded to irritate them, intentional or not. While Leo is usually very charming, Mars can make them more hostile towards others.

Mars In Virgo

The Mars In Virgo

Mars in Virgo is a good but difficult combination. Good Virgo parents may be more strict towards their children and lovers may be more easily annoyed by their partner. Virgo may act coldly towards strangers, or even more rude to people whom they dislike.

Mars In Libra

The Mars In Libra

Libra is partly ruled by Mars. Mars can influence Libra’s love life. Libra can turn into an aggressive lover when Mars is in their sign. This can encourage their partner or annoy them. Know how your partner feels about this and try to act accordingly to what they find comfortable.

Mars In Scorpio

The Mars In Scorpio

Scorpio gets its strength and energy from Mars, but Mars also gives Scorpio a hot temper. This may act up even more when the Mars sign is Scorpio. As always, do your best to keep your anger under control. But let yourself become more energized and positively use your energy.

Mars In Sagittarius

The Mars In Sagittarius

Sagittarius are used to their intuition guiding them. But, they can forget how sensitive they can be. Even though Mars does not dictate them, it can still affect their emotions. Make sure that you do not let your new anger or frustration cloud your natural sense of intuition.

Mars In Capricorn

The Mars In Capricorn

Capricorn is affected by Mars when it comes to careers. People who work with metals or fires will tend to feel Mars more than others. They will feel more courageous and full of energy. Mars adds to Capricorn’s initiative, helping them to be more successful.

Mars In Aquarius

The Mars In Aquarius

Aquarius is not heavily governed by Mars. Reluctant to take anyone’s advice but their own, false information or bad advice could make the Aquarians’ lesser-seen temper come into play. Keep listening to your advice when Mars is in your star sign to avoid irritation.

Mars In Pisces

The Mars In Pisces

Pisces is powerfully affected by Mars. However, they are not usually angry people. Mars gives Pisces energy and strength to help themselves and others. To avoid anger, Pisces Mars people should ignore others whom they dislike.

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