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venus in signs

Venus In Signs Symbolism & Meanings

Venus In Signs Astrology

It seems like everyone is curious about their Venus sign. Venus in signs dictates nearly everything about love and sex. Of course, Venus symbolism also has something to do with creativity, art, and general socializing. Let’s find out how Venus in signs affects you.


So, if you want to know if it’s the right time to find a new partner, get rid of your current partner or anything else that has to do with love or sex, then you should consult the stars and see how Venus in signs can affect you.

Venus In The 12 Zodiac Signs Meanings

Venus In Aries

The Venus In Aries

Aries, partially ruled by Venus, can be helpful, but also harmful when it comes to socializing. Thus, Aries women tend to be very romantic. Men seem to be attracted to them for various reasons. However, do not become too confident. Aries tend to be too aggressive at times, a trait that is rarely liked.


Venus In Taurus

The Venus In Taurus

Taurus, also partially ruled by Venus, are beautiful, artistic, and have a soft personality. Taurus are usually easy-going and are lovely creatures. But, when they are aroused, they can be a little aggressive. Venus can enhance all of these qualities, but you should still try to keep them in check.

Venus In Gemini

The Venus In Gemini

Gemini differs when it comes to gender. Gemini men tend to be more flirtatious, while women tend to be more loyal and often want commitment. But, when Venus is in Gemini, use your intelligence and great social skills to attract a partner. Also, try to avoid fighting (which is common among Gemini) as this won’t lead to a prosperous relationship.


Venus In Cancer

The Venus In Cancer

Cancer are generally sensitive people, even males. However, no one if more romantic than them. But, they need to be treated with patience to encourage affection. When Venus is in Cancer, do not be afraid to try to find a partner. Also, don’t be too nervous. If they are compatible with your zodiac sign, then they should be treating you well.


Venus In Leo

The Venus In Leo

Leo can be a controlling lover if they are in the wrong relationship. Realize that you cannot control everything, not even your significant other. Remember, Leo in Venus sign tends to lean towards temptation. Try to avoid this to keep your relationships strong.

Venus In Virgo

The Venus In Virgo

Virgo needs to take advantage of Venus while they are young. When aging, Virgo tends to be less romantic, and passion seems to decrease in their relationships. While Virgo is usually shy, you should try to break out of your shell when Venus is in Virgo. Thus, try to find a partner while your fire is still burning brightly.

Venus In Libra

The Venus In Libra

Libra, ruled by Venus, has many romantic traits. They are usually beautiful, artistic, and passionate about what they love. While they love hotly at first, they may lose interest if not entertained enough. If they find the right partner, they can be rather affectionate and can keep a happy marriage. But, these traits will be even more exaggerated when Venus is in Libra.

Venus In Scorpio

The Venus In Scorpio

Scorpio, whose females are more dictated by Venus than their males, can be very passionate. They will want to take control of the relationship, daily and sexually. So, try not to be too critical of your partners. Then, Venus should smile on you and grace you with a great relationship when it is in your sign.

Venus In Sagittarius

The Venus In Sagittarius

Sagittarius, sometimes known as the Bachelor sign, does not always have the best luck when it comes to Venus. They are not unattractive, and they are good at making friends. But, romance doesn’t seem to strike them easily. When Venus is in Sagittarius, take advantage of it and try to find a partner as soon as you can if you don’t want to fit in with the bachelor stereotype.

Venus In Capricorn

The  Venus In Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn can be strange people. Also, they tend to hold marriage on a spiritual level. But, they are often self-centered in a relationship. This makes it all the harder to keep one. When Venus is in your sign, apologize to your partner for any selfishness on your part, as this can help to strengthen your relationship.

Venus In Aquarius

The  Venus In Aquarius

Aquarius is great when it comes to the aspects of Venus. Loving, caring, kind, and generally air-tempered, Aquarius makes a great partner to anyone who wants a loving relationship. But, they may not be an ideal soul mate for someone wanting adventure. Usually adaptable, when Venus is in Aquarius, make whatever changes you need to in your relationship.

Venus In Pisces

The Venus In Pisces

Pisces makes an unbalanced partner. Sometimes, they may be full of life and happy. While, other times they may seem to be depressed and uncaring. When Venus is in Pisces sign, take advantage of the good mood and go out with your partner to try to liven up your relationship.

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