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Saturn in Signs

Saturn In Signs Symbolism & Meanings

Saturn In Signs Astrology

In astrology, Saturn tends to complicate matters, no matter what your zodiac sign is. Saturn in signs is sometimes known as the “taskmaster” or “teacher” of the zodiac.


This means that you will be faced with new and possibly difficult tests or challenges when Saturn is in your sign. Take time to learn from these lessons, as they will likely be able to help you no matter where Saturn is placed in the 12 signs.

Saturn In The 12 Zodiac Signs Meanings

Saturn In Aries

Saturn In Aries

Aries can be both positively and negatively impacted by planet Saturn. You will likely be faced with new challenges. But, these challenges, if taken on correctly, should lead you to success in your job, with your friends, or even with relationships.


Saturn In Taurus

Saturn In Taurus

Taurus is blessed when Saturn is in its sign. Your life will be more stable during this time. Take this time to pay off some bills, get healthy, and get to know your friends a little better. All of these tasks should be easy to complete with Saturn on your side.

Saturn In Gemini

Saturn In Gemini

Gemini is also favored by Saturn. When it comes to learning or jobs that require a large amount of skill, things will be easier on Gemini. You may find it easier to study or get your job done during this time. Because of this, paying off bills or other expenses should be easier as well.


Saturn In Cancer

Saturn In Cancer

Saturn in Cancer people will have a rough time. You may be more tired more often, as this could make you more irritable as well. Disappointments and delays in plans are common during this time. But, buying a new property is more likely.


Saturn In Leo

Saturn In Leo.

Leo will feel uncomfortable when Saturn is in your sign. You may feel like you are under more pressure at work or other tasks. It may be harder to get what you need to do your job. Thus, work or school may seem especially difficult or slow-going during this time.

Saturn In Virgo

The Saturn In Virgo

When Saturn is in Virgo, you will be blessed or cursed with new challenges. Thus, it’s all about what you do with them. New opportunities will arise, and if completed they will lead to success. If you ignore these opportunities, then your life, in general, will likely become more challenging.

Saturn In Libra

The Saturn In Libra

Libra faces both ups and downs when Saturn is in this sign. When it comes to jobs and school, it may seem challenging, but nothing that they can’t handle. This should give them opportunities to be even more successful. However, Libra’s health may not be at its peak at this time.

Saturn In Scorpio

The Saturn In Scorpio

Scorpio will be attacked by Saturn’s influence. Mostly in for a bad ride, Scorpio will be very anxious and under pressure at work and school, all with less sleep during this time. This time will be especially challenging. However, travel opportunities may arise. These, though rewarding, will still be stressful.

Saturn In Sagittarius

The Saturn In Sagittarius

Sagittarius is also burdened with bad luck when Saturn is in its sign. They will be under more pressure to get their work or schoolwork done on time. Their health may suffer because of all of the stress this can cause. Do your best not to let this take over your life.

Saturn In Capricorn

Saturn In Capricorn

Capricorn will have more job opportunities, but also job challenges when Saturn is in its sign. Spending so much time at work could lead to more fights with their partner. This will not affect their relationship with their children. Everything should clear up, but you will be left with a better standing at your job or school.

Saturn In Aquarius

The Saturn In Aquarius

Aquarius may become more nervous and anxious when Saturn is in this sign. However, their great sense of decision-making should help to guide them through difficult tasks that work, or school will likely bring.

Saturn In Pisces

The Saturn In Pisces

Pisces will have a little bad luck when Saturn is in their sign. They will be struck with disappointments and setbacks. But, all of these things are challenges in themselves. Learn from these to make your life more successful.

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