Planets In Signs

Planets In Signs

Most people know of their sun sign when it comes to zodiac signs. It is very common for people to ask, “What is your sign?” The typical answer is that of what you know to be your sun sign. It is uncommon to find a person who does not know what their sun sign is as most people do. Astrology is gaining more and more popularity every single day.

Nearly every newspaper across the globe has a section of horoscopes in the back. Usually these horoscopes are in the entertainment section as most people will not take it seriously. Though, there still are plenty of people who do take their horoscopes seriously. They read their horoscopes daily and religiously. Even so, a majority of the daily horoscope readers are still only aware of their star sign.

It would be very odd to find a horoscope in the news paper that had a horoscope for each planet in astrology. Remember, it is in the entertainment section so it must be fast, easy, and commonly understandable. Knowing the position of the planets in signs is necessary for detailed astrological studies.

However, to the aspiring student of astrology, learning that astrology and your personal horoscope consists much more than your sun sign. There are plenty of more planets in the sky. There are also asteroids and nodes of the moon, but to still keep it simple we will first advance to the signs of the other planets.

So, on top of your sun sign, you also have a zodiac sign for the Moon, Mercury, and Venus. The moon travels through each zodiac sign every 52 hours or less, so it can be in any of the 12 zodiac signs no matter what the sun sign is. The distance that Mercury travels is never more than 30 degrees away from the sun.

Therefore your Mercury sign can only be in the zodiac sign immediately preceding your sun sign, or it can be the same as your sun sign, or it can be in the sign immediately after your sun sign. This gives Mercury having a range of 3 zodiac signs it can possibly be in accordance to what the Sun sign is.

Planet Venus is also similarly unique in that it is never more than 60 degrees distance from the sun, therefore it is never more than 2 zodiac signs before or after your sun sign if not being the same as your sun sign. This gives Venus having a range of 5 signs that it could possibly be in accordance to what the Sun sign is.

Next is planet Mars which can be in any given sign despite what zodiac sign the Sun is in. Mars is the last of the personal planets. Jupiter takes almost one year to complete its mission through any given zodiac sign. So people born within a year of you will have the same Jupiter sign as you, if not the one right before or after. And so on with the other planets like Saturn that take from 2 to 16 years to go through each zodiac sign.

Planets And Signs

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The outer planets affect generations, so a multitude of people can have the same Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto sign as you. What would make these planets more unique to you is what signs they happen to fall into at your exact time of birth.

Understand what each planet represents. Learn how they affect your personality and your life by knowing how they behave in the zodiac signs they occupy. Fill in the details of your birth and gain more insight into yourself with this free and detailed report.

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