Learn Astrology

Learn Astrology

If you wish to learn astrology you will need to study both the history and the ways in which astrological information can be interpreted as is actually a surprisingly large field of study and become genuinely expert can take many years. Becoming aware some of the basics such as which sun sign falls at which time of the year is extremely basic.

This does not allow for any information about transits or other more complex elements of astrology. However there are excellent learn astrology tools out there and these tools are certainly and helpful aid in the beginning study the science of houses and planets. This learning tool, the Learn Astrology Software, allows beginners to gain and test their knowledge in the field.

Today we look back and see that astrology was first used to foretell information about individuals by the Egyptians. There have been star charts found in Egypt dated back to 4300 BC. By 2800 BC the Chinese also had a form of astrology.

The two have taken very different courses. Egyptian astrology took on some of the Babylonian concepts through the Greeks. And Ptolemy even wrote a book setting out planets, houses and signs. Caesar Augustus actually created a coin adorned with his sign, Capricorn.  So we do see that astrology has had a long history amongst humans.

Astrology has over the centuries gone in and out of favor but currently seems to be in a revival phase. The basic thing that astrology does is combine magic with the view of the night sky that is visible from Earth. In the West the Babylonians were the first to create astrology and their version was influenced by the Greeks.

Astrology examines the relationship between stars and movements of the planets, the stars and celestial bodies against happenings on earth. Astrologers genuinely believe that the placement and movements of the bodies in the heavens, son, moon and the nine planets at the time a person is born directly affects their personality.

Your birth chart is made up of is planets, signs and houses. Each planet depending on position is given a specific meaning in an individual horoscope. The sign is representative of the zodiac segment where the sun was located at the time of birth.

The sun is representative of who you are. Your sign is more representative of how you deal with what may happen around you. The location of the sun on the same day each year as seen from Earth is relatively stable.

There are 12 sun signs: Aries, March 21 to April 20; Taurus April 21 two may 20th; Gemini, May 21 two June 20; cancer, June 21 two July 20; Neil, July 21 to August 20; Virgo, August 21 to September 20; Libra September 21 two October 20; Scorpio, October 21 two November 20; Sagittarius, November 21 to December 20; Capricorn December 21 to January 19, Aquarius, January 22 February 18; Pisces, every 19 to March 20.

Equally there are 12 houses in the birth chart. The location of a planet is most visible in the house where it is located. The 12 zodiac signs apply in order to the 12 houses so Aries is the first house, Taurus the second etc.

When a planet is present in a house it places a huge effect on the birth chart. The major planets in astrology are: Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

If you wish to learn astrology these would be some of the first points that you would need to know. How to interpret and use the information is a huge field and it does demand real study. Simply determining the sun sign is easy but once you get beyond that stage you need real knowledge. To become a fine astrologer or a professional will take a great deal of time and study.

Learn Astrology

Learn Astrology
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