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Mars Symbol Meanings

The Planet of Passion: Mars

The planet Mars is the one most concerned with action in the zodiac. Mars is known as the “Red Planet” and is associated with fiery passion. Mars will control energy and passion, motivation and perseverance. Mars is the Roman god of war. He is a natural ruler of the military.

The planet will order people to stand out. Mars wants to be noticed. He is responsible for pushing people to get things done. Mars will not be happy with being a wallflower and watching other people. The planet will encourage people to have power and be confident on their own.

Mars will be responsible for motivation and competition. The planet supports taking on challenges, whether it is at work or at play. He will push people to be better than their best. The planet represents aggression. However, he knows how important bravery and a sense of honor are. He is happy with an assertive nature. Mars will like for people to be bold and to have a sense of adventure.

Mars can easily have a constructive or destructive nature. It is important to understand that he can influence people in both ways. Mars as the god of war to the ancient Romans could be violent in a very savage way. He can still display that kind of energy. At the same time, Mars wants to use the energy for good. He will focus on resilience, initiative, and accomplishment.Mars will control energy and passion

Mars will rule over sexual natures and energies. He has an energy that can be an asset if it is used in the right way.

Mars will spend almost two years working through the zodiac. He will rule the zodiac signs of Aries and Scorpio. He rules over the First and Eighth houses.

Mars in astrology is the planet of intensity, passion, and motivation. Of all the planets, Mars is the one that will be most associated with survival instinct. It is what is left of the animal nature of man.

The instincts for anger, survival and aggression will be ruled by Mars. He rules over sexual wants. Mars is not concerned with romantic kinds of attraction. He is about physical attraction. Mars likes action more than reaction. He is not about thinking before acting. He displays a raw energy.

Mars pushes people to get their day started every morning. He is the nature of determination and motivation. Mars is responsible for active energy. He will influence people to display a nature that is aggressive, directed, and blunt. He will give people their sense of adventure. At the same time, Mars can display negative traits. He can make people display a nature that is impetuous, careless, restless, forcible, and belligerent.

Symbol and Symbolism

Mars has a symbol that is typically used to represent male. It is the circle of spirit. It will push outward and onto the world. It represents direction and aggression.

The planet Mars will represent a lot of different things. He will be male, active, and forcible. He is motivated, aggressive, and fiery. He will be directed and have ambition. He will be very focused on goals. He will have a lot of excitement and energy.

Mars has the metal iron associated with it. Iron will represent having force and being hard and strong. Mars can show new experiences. He can see through the outside to the hidden truth.

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