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Janam Patrika Chart

Use this Janam Patrika Chart finder to get your natal horoscope. You can also have a chart created and any chart from the year 1905 – to 2035 is available with this Janam Patrika chart calculator. This is also called a Rashi Chart which gives an importance to the moon. This is one of the most important aspects in Vedic astrology.

This is a south Indian style of horoscope that presents the moon with greater importance. How the moon is aspected gives great insight into the personality and life of the individual’s natal horoscope chart.

Astrologers with decades of relentless experience have improved the calculations in Vedic Astrology for more precise reports and readings. This intensifies the predictions dramatically.

janam patrikaA Rashi chart focuses on the moon. When the position of the moon is discovered, then the planets follow. Each planet is analyzed in relation to each other, but most importantly, with the moon.

The relationship between Mars and the moon can give a detailed description about how someone feels and reacts to their own ambitious power or that power and aggression of others.

The relationship between Saturn and the moon can predict how one deals with authority figures and how they feel about being in authority for themselves as well as how disciplined they feel they must be.

The relationship between Jupiter and the moon can show in the chart, how one processes the act of giving and receiving higher education, or how one can understand the big picture of life.

The sign and house that your Rashi is in will give insight into what matters most to you. How you feel about everything is what matters in your experience in your journey in life.

There are lots of aspects to take into consideration. Your Rashi chart will help to put everything into clearer perspective. Add in your birth details and then you are seconds away from obtaining your Rashi horoscope chart for free.

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