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Pluto Sign

Pluto Sign

The Pluto sign is indicative the transformative powers of the universe as they affect an individual’s life. The zodiac power sign in general affects the entire generation because of the slow transit of Pluto through the zodiac. If you would like to know more about how change affects you try the Zodiac Power Reading.

It is totally free and will give you a great guideline as to how you are affected by change. Zodiac Power Sign is indicative of where Pluto is placed in your natal chart. This more recently discovered planet is often referred to as the planet of change.

The sign is indicative of great changes in your life and how being born and dying affect the individual. Never forget that change can be for the good or for the bad, there is no set probability. The roots of this particular sign are in Western astrology.

In the current era we tend to be extremely apart from death. We are tending to live longer, and we live an urban lifestyle where we do not deal directly with the farm animals for example.


Although we may lose pets over the years it is a somewhat gentler process than life on the farm where animals are raised for slaughter. So knowing how you are going to react even in part to a sudden change in your life such as death is very important.

The Mars sign will give you a guide to this kind of reaction and the zodiac power sign test will give you some detail of how you may act. Birth on the other hand is still celebrated. The placement of your zodiac power sign or Mars sign together with the sun and moon signs aid in your understanding of you.

Pluto is the farthest planet from the sun and its transit through the zodiac takes years. For this reason the Mars sign will have an effect on an entire generation. The full cycle does include birth, change, and death. Pluto holds a great deal of power which can be used either constructively or destructively.

For the Romans Pluto ruled money, and criminal organizations. Pluto is often said to bring about transformation where almost anything can happen, even the impossible.

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