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You can gain more insight into your life with this Karma Astrology report. This Karma astrology is calculated by your date of birth. Karma is the law of cause and effect. Whatever you did in your past life, however you lived in your past life, the way you dealt with people and situations as well as how you expressed your personality is the reason why your life is the way it is today.

Your circumstances of today are a result of your actions and behavior from a past life. With astrological calculations, you can discover the energy that looms over you relating to your karma.

Karmic Astrology is the analysis of your sun sign horoscope chart that shows you the state of your present life Karma. Based upon the positions of the planets and how the planets transit one another on the day, month and year of your birth, you will be able to find out what your karmic situation is.

If you are interested in understanding what lessons you learned in a past life, what habits you still have from that past life, the good and the bad, and if you are interested in using your abilities from the past and present to enhance your life, then you can use this Karmic astrology as a guide for self discovery.

For Karma to make sense, one must know, or at least believe in past lives. This is a type of ancient knowledge past down from spiritual masters that know how to predict a person’s strengths, weaknesses and fate based on a person’s day, month and year of birth.

We are affected by our karma and the result of our birth and life circumstances that we did not choose has everything to do with the kind of life that we lead in a past life.  The energy that was most apparent around us in the prior life influences our behavior and experiences of this current lifetime.  The spiritual progress of an individual is the focus of Karmic astrology.


Your natal horoscope chart shows you were you came from and what you must do in this lifetime to progress further.  Everyone has a purpose in life and this can be explored by discovering it with a Karmic chart reading.

Karmic Astrology

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