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Jupiter Symbol Meanings

The Planet of Luck: Jupiter

The planet Jupiter is concerned with thinking, an abstract mind, and higher learning. Planet Jupiter’s symbol meaning gives a desire for exploration in both a spiritual and intellectual sense. The planet will give the ability to form ideas on an intelligent level. Jupiter will rule over religion and philosophy in the spiritual world.


The planet Jupiter will look as far as he can to find answers. He rules over long-distance travel. Because of this, he will not mind traveling the world to find the answers he is looking for. Jupiter will give the urge to look at moral and ethical values. The planet will look at the world with a sense of optimism.


Jupiter Symbol Meaning

Jupiter is connected with luck and good fortune and for good reason.  He is kind and caring. He will want the people he rules to grow and develop positively. Jupiter will be the judge and jury of the people under him. At the same time, he will mostly have a sense of honor and want to make sure the right path is being followed.


Success, achievements, and growth will all be due to Jupiter. However, the planet can be responsible for being lazy. The most negative thing associated with Jupiter is weight gain. Typically, Jupiter is going to lead the people He rules down the right path.


Jupiter will be responsible for time to relax. The planet will be associated with different sports and games of chance. Jupiter has affection for all animals. Because of this, he will be responsible for spending time with family pets. Jupiter will indicate a lot of wealth, whether it is material or not. The planet Jupiter is very advantageous.Jupiter is connected with luck and good fortune

Jupiter Symbol Meaning

Jupiter will circle the zodiac in approximately twelve years. He will visit an average of one zodiac sign per year. Jupiter has male energy. Sagittarius and Pisces will both be ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter will rule over the Ninth and Twelfth houses.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and takes the name of the Roman king of the gods. The planet is symbolic of having more than enough. Jupiter will tolerate other people and be expansive. He is the first of the social planets. He wants as much insight as he can.

Because of this, he will always look for knowledge. Jupiter will be associated with the words morality, thankfulness, hope, honor, and the law. The planet has more reach purpose and possibility.

Jupiter is typically about good luck and wealth. Jupiter rules positive views and development. He will be responsible for mental and spiritual development. The planet will represent feelings of goodwill, humor, and mercy. The planet is less positive when he is blind in his optimism or excessive. Jupiter can overindulge. If he is too optimistic he might be somewhat irresponsible.

Jupiter Symbol Meaning and Symbolism

Jupiter’s symbol is the crescent of receptivity rising above the cross of matter. The planet Jupiter will help people be more aware of what is beyond the physical world. Jupiter will give support to reaching for new things, expanding ideas, and improving.

Jupiter will represent development, good luck, security, prosperity, plenty, higher learning, idealism, knowledge, giving, dominance, integrity, and equilibrium.

The symbols of the eagle, tiara, lightning bolt, throne, and blade are associated with Jupiter. He represents power, confidence, wisdom, and authority.

Keeping certain gemstones will help incorporate Jupiter’s energy. Citrine, Topaz, Tiger Eye, and Sapphire will help with prosperity, wisdom, confidence, and luck.


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