Moon Sign Calculator

Moon Sign Calculator

The moon sign is indicative of the personality of the individual according to the placement of the moon in the natal chart. Each of the different placements will have different effects on different individuals based on other elements in their horoscope. Learning your moon sign can be helpful in looking abroad personality traits. Use the moon sign calculator to determine your moon sign!

In Western astrology the chief planet is the sun. However, when working the most accurate astrological calculations or for full a full horoscope it is required that the caster is aware of the moon sign of the individual. When the reading is based on moon sign astrology concepts you not only learn what your moon sign is but how the moon sign will affect you.

Bring to mind an image of the astrological charts you have seen, in particular a birth chart. There are many things showing these charts including the moon, the sun, planets and many other astrological figures such as the descendant.

Each of these astrological devices is in a specific house which varies from person to person. When we look of an individual’s chart it is the house in which the moon is located that will determine the moon sign.

When the study is made of moon sign astrology you will gain a clear perspective on the influence of the moon sign in your life. The moon sign has its primary power in regard to your personal emotional responses. The primary difference between the moon sign and the sun sign in astrological terms is that the moon sign is indicative of personality while the sun sign is indicative of individuality.

It has become more necessary to be aware of your personality than ever before. This will allow you to function more appropriately within the extremely conformist society we live in. Within the workplace and knowledge of your personality can help you to gain appropriate employment.

If you have a personality that causes you to be extremely abrasive you might be better in a background position rather than in one where you deal with people every day. If on the other hand, your people skills that are especially good then customer service in a face to face situation could be a good choice for you.

In each case the moon sign would allow you to see what traits may show in your everyday life. And can help you to determine those things that you would like to emphasize in your personality and those things that you would like to modify.

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