Tiwaz Meaning & Interpretation – Nordic Runes

Rune Poem for Tiwaz

“Týr er einhendr áss
ok ulfs leifar
ok hofa hilmir.
Mars tiggi.”

“Tyr is a one-handed god,
and leavings of the wolf
and prince of temples.”

Rune Name – Tiwaz, Teiwaz

Aett – Tyr’s

Aett Position – First

Tiwaz – Upright Meaning


Respect, authority, balance, leader, analytical, knowing your positives, ready to give up yourself for others and fight till victory


tiwazTyr is the rune of the God of Justice, the very embodiment of honor, and the scales of justice. To lead his men well, he offered his hand to Fenrir the wolf, and sacrificed it that the beast might be bound.

The Teiwaz or Tiwaz rune of the Elder Futhark tells us that it is time to call on our ability to lead and serve as a hand of authority. When under this rune’s influence, we must act with personal honor, and make our decisions in the interest of a just resolution.

As Tyr did sacrifice, our honor will sometimes call upon us to make a sacrifice of ourselves so that justice and honor may be served.

With Tyr presiding, and us acting in accordance with his ways, we are told that we shall be successful when legal matters come into play.

The Teiwaz rune warns us that we may be our own enemy, and that we must practice discipline and responsibility to follow the warrior’s path, and find the strength within that we need to persevere.

Tiwaz – Merkstave Meaning (Reversed)


Tiredness, blockages, low energy, paralysis of mind, over thinking and analyzing of simple situations, sacrificing when not needed, zero balance, fights, arguments, conflicts, failure to compete, non communicative, breakups.


tiwas merkstaveThe Merkstave Teiwaz tells us that we must act with care, our actions may be driven from haste. Justice is out of balance, and this is leading to strife and conflict among those involved.

By failure to remain disciplined, our creativity and productivity are blocked, and we are frozen by the mental paralysis caused by not facing what we need to do.

When the Merkstave Tiwaz comes up in relation to a project in a runestone reading, it tells us that we are losing sight of the forest for the trees. We must focus on the project as a whole, and stop kibitzing over the minor bits that are just details.

As the Teiwaz rune can represent a lack of honesty and openness, it can also indicate us confusing a lust-driven relationship for one that is love driven.

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