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Laguz: Always Check On Your Emotions

Laguz Meaning And Interpretation

The art of laguz meaning is about emotional balance and concentration on promising projects that can work best on your side. You have to be sure of when to act when something is bothering you. But let it be upbeat and not something that might halt your life.


Laguz Rune Meaning

It’s about getting something that might be the source of your ideas. Looking for the chance that you are happy will help you to come up with constructive thoughts. So, you have to be linking your ideas to the thoughts that might help you manage a good life.


What Is The Meaning Of Laguz?

The laguz signifies achieving emotional balance. However, you can change the unconscious part of the mind. It will help you in stabilizing what you are feeling. A negative attitude should not alter how you think about life.


Laguz Rune Meaning

Withstanding any emotion is the message of the Laguz runes. Nothing can be as important as your peace of mind. So, you have to learn on the positive side and accept that you cannot control everything you do in life. Be flexible and concentrate on gaining the right goals that will control your ego.


Laguz Symbolism

Peace and stability of mind are essential aspects when you want to make choices. However, you need a positive attitude to think of making life more simple. Success in everything you do will encourage you to continue working hard.

Laguz Reversed Meaning

Unless you can control what goes to your mind, you are dimmed to achieve nothing. So, allow yourself to be an adjective and think of making life comfortable and successful. Nature will help and support your ambitions as you allow your mind to figure out what suits your mind.

Laguz Upright Meaning

The moment you feel like the right source of encouragement and success, then keep going forward. That will help you to know the areas you have to improve and achieve success.

The Elder Futhark

It shows the transition period in life. It’s the moment that defines what comes your way and what will help you mold into something important in your space. Accept challenges as part of your progress.

Laguz Power

You have the protection and the need to adjust to something that might alter your life. However, nothing will happen if you have the Laguz power as your lead. It will help you in adjusting to something crucial in life.

Laguz Protection

Anything or powers that might be planning to harm you will not happen if you protect the laguz. Of course, the Laguz god will be there to offer the necessary support. Lastly, the laguz rune meaning love is phenomenal and will appease any positive step in the right direction.

Rune Poem for Laguz

“Lagu byþ leodum langsum geþuht,
gif hi sculun neþan on nacan tealtum
and hi sæyþa swyþe bregaþ
and she bringest bridles ne gym.”

“The ocean seems interminable to men,
if they venture on the rolling bark
and the waves of the sea terrify them
and the course of the deep heed, not its bridle.”

Rune Name – Laguz

Aett – Tyr’s

Aett Position – Fifth



Associated with all forms of water. cleaning, tides, and flow, favorable for foreign travel, good for water-related activities


laguzThe Laguz rune is the rune of water, of the deep seas and the mysteries hidden there. As the water flows around, over, and through the rocks and hills, so does this rune indicating the nature of water in the same.

It marks the madness of such a changeable element, the depths of the subconscious. It is the ruling force of raw sexuality and the undercurrents of the intuitive and psychic abilities buried within all of us.

This rune of the Elder Futhark tells us that we must become fluid; we must flow with the watery forces of life to navigate them properly. To attain emotional balance, must we come into balance and harmony with the world around us.

We must strive to do so first, as part of the journey to finding that level. With the Laguz rune present in our lives, we must adapt to its changeability.

Laguz – Merkstave Meaning 


Uncontrolled emotions, oversensitive, rage, anger, wild tempers, damage, loss, go under, submerged, overwhelmed.


laguz merkstaveThe nature of water is twofold; it can give life, nourish, and wash away the hurt and pain of a day. It is utterly necessary for all good things in life, but it is a natural force, and as such, has a fierce wildness to it.

The Merkstave Laguz rune tells us that those forces are in play in our lives. It may represent an oncoming storm or flood, water in some of its most destructive forms, or metaphorical.

Are you letting your emotions get out of control? Are they ruling you? If so, this rune is telling you it’s time to draw back on that, for things are about to get even more out of control.

Things are rotting underneath, the seams and corners crumbling under the powers that water and its emotions can bring to bear.

So you may find yourself sinking into the depths of these emotions, rocked to your very foundation. If you don’t take care, you’ll find yourself drowning in its assault.


Laguz’s meaning has some important aspects of achieving good stuff if you are in control of your thoughts. You have to be keen on what you feed your mind as it is the kitchen for every action you take towards life. So, be sure to be of stove attitude.

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