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Ways To Find Your Soul Group – How To Meet Your Soul Family

Soul Group: Ways to Find

Your soul group is like your spirit family. It is a group of souls that you are supposed to meet as part of your greater destiny to help in the contribution to evolutionary progress. A soul group has a specific unified purpose connected in a group endeavor by inner resonance and understanding.

The chances are that every day you are meeting people of your soul group without realizing it. Very few people recognize their soul groups and form meaningful relationships, but it all depends on where one places himself in life.


Incarnation and Soul Groups

Soul groups are formed from the various stages of incarnation. Incarnation is making a comeback. There is a series of lives one is thought to have lived in the past. A person in your soul group could be a person you were close to in your past life or had an impact on your former life.

When in our soul groups, we formulate our plans for incarnation. We pick the souls we will meet in the other life and make them part of our group. Each new incarnation shuffles the group differently, such that your brother might once have been your friend or your mother may have been your daughter.


The Purpose Of Soul Turning Up

The purpose of a soul turning up in your life is to show you to yourself. You learn through viewing in the mirror. Soul groups help you to be your best and help improve you yourself. However, not all souls are your friends in life. Incarnate enemies are also in our soul groups. They provide valuable lessons or obstacles.

Members of different soul groups vary in age. They don’t all belong to your age group. The age of your soul group varies during incarnation. Some may have come earlier to help pave the way for us like our parents. Any member of society can be a member of your soul group, from the little child to the very elderly, so do not narrow your options.


Finding Other Souls

To find other souls, you have first to find your own. It would be best if you recognized yourself, and accepted yourself and your place in life. Improve your self-esteem and feel good about yourself. With healthier self-esteem, you can’t take long to find your soul tribe. This is because you will draw them to yourself or cause them to show up in your life.

When you feel good about yourself, others will feel good about you. Through acceptance, you can reconnect with your soul, embrace it, and make it a beacon of light capable of triggering the chemistry between soul connections. The more you advance in terms of acceptance, the more you draw your soul group members.


Soul Connections

The people who you are most drawn to are almost always members of your soul group. These connections are mostly accidental and not by design but can also be forged or stimulated. This can be achieved if you come to understand your inner self or your soul. All you have to do is open your eyes, and you will see that people of your soul group are all around your circle of friends, family, or even strangers.

Soul group members tend to have the same ideas, aspirations, likes, and dislikes. Your interests draw you in a specific direction. This implies that you are likely to be propelled in the same direction as your soul group members. Your soul group is meant to assist you through life. At times, they may have experienced similar situations as you. They help you understand a situation better as they have gone through the same.

Your soul glows the most when you are doing what you love. Involving yourself with activities like sports or any other activity that comes naturally to you will work a great deal in drawing your soul group members. You can attribute this to the fact that you have the same interests as the members of your soul groups.

Live The Life The Soul Intended

The easiest thing you can be is yourself. That said, you should live the life your soul intended. Don’t live a lie. You never leave a trail where you follow other people’s footsteps. As earlier mentioned, members of the same soul group tend to have similar likes and dislikes. Each soul group is different, unique, and with a specific purpose to meet the evolutionary plan.

This plan can only be met once an individual has a clear understanding of his or her purpose by being whoever he or she feels comfortable being. It would be of great disservice to yourself if you stray and forge a certain way of life that is not meant for you. This will make your soul a dissatisfied one and limit the chances of you meeting your soul group members.

Networking in a Soul Group

Contribute to the outworking of higher evolutionary. Political leaders, financial guardians, soul-inspired teachers, and prominent members of our society act as symbolic designations. They are most likely to have met many members from their soul group, which can be attributed to the number of people they meet in their day-to-day lives.

They also help us find the right placement for our field in terms of our purpose and help maximize individual creativity. That said, you should in your field reach out to your immediate environment, be it in the medical field or any other field.

The Inner Voice

In almost everyone, there is always an inner voice that speaks to us. At times it may be instinct. Often, we find ourselves in a profound experience where we meet a total stranger and feel an instant connection or a feeling of familiarity.

At times you may think that you have forgotten the person, but in some instances, you may go to a completely new place like a new country, and feel the same about a total stranger. These are likely to be souls you met in your past life, which may explain the exchange of indescribable energy. These are people you connect to with ease and shouldn’t have trouble socializing with.

Just like you don’t purchase flowers and cover them, also let your soul glow and shine. Be outgoing. The world belongs to those who explore. The more you outgo, the closer you come to catching a glimpse of the world the way you wish it could be. This, however, should not be a one-time thing. Your willingness to reach out prescribes the limits of meeting your soul group members.

Preventing Soul Group From Showing Up

A sure way to prevent your soul groups from showing up is by being hypersensitive, hypercritical, or judgmental to others. Accept other people’s differences and stop being hypersensitive and hypercritical about others.

Don’t judge what you don’t know. We are all unique in our ways. It would be best if you were approachable and accommodating through this. You will feel identified and aligned with your soul group.


As I conclude, the internet and social media as a whole are very instrumental in bringing people together. Some sites bring people with similar likes and interests to not leave out specific sites for soul group searching.

soul group

Popcorn doesn’t pop at the same time despite facing similar conditions. Similarly, soul group searching is a process that requires patience and comes naturally, so be what your soul intends you to be.

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