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Algiz Rune Meaning: Shun Off Negativity

Algiz Rune Meaning and Interpretations

What does the Algiz rune mean or signify? Keep reading to get deeper insight.

Rune Poem for Algiz

“seccard hæfþ oftust on fenne
wexeð on wature,
wundaþ grimme
blode breneð beorna gehwylcne
ðe him ænigne onfeng gedeþ.”

“The Elk-sedge usually lives in the fen,
growing in the water.
It wounds severely,
staining with blood any man
who grabs it.”

Rune Name – Algiz

Aett – Heimdall’s

Aett Position – Seventh



A ward of protection, a shield against negativity. The urge to defend or protect others, a guardianship that banishes or wards off a negative presence. Opening the pathways to connect to the gods, an awakening. A sign to follow your instincts to keep hold of a position earned.



Algiz Rune Symbolic Meaning

What does Algiz symbolize? It will be excellent if you counter any negative thoughts whenever they show their ugly faces. Always try to view things from the right perspective. Indeed situations are rarely as ugly as you see at first; thus, avoid giving a wrong conclusion at first sight. Again do not allow fear or panic to get hold of you; instead, use your skills, abilities, and experiences to find working solutions.

The Algiz reversed meaning says that it would be helpful to avoid recollecting your previous mistakes. Again try to shun counting criticisms instead of compliments. Find ways to boost a positive mindset. Allow positive thoughts and feelings to breed within you.


Algiz Rune Upright Meaning

The Algiz runes signify that it is normal to feel bad about yourself once in a while, but you should not let it go too long. Allowing bad thoughts or feelings can have devastating effects on your health, relationships, or work. However, there are easy ways to practice and break free of nagging negativity.


The Algiz power meaning shows that do not attempt to defray negativity with substance abuse like excessive drinking, cigarette smoking, etc. Instead, look for more healthy ways to turn things around, live in peace, and experience a more fulfilling life. Avoid longing for a quick fix of your issue but know that redemption may take a little patience and persistence on your part.

Algiz Rune Power Meaning

The meaning of Algiz protection implies that it would be brilliant to identify the triggers of negative thinking and then look for a way to counter them. Again do not believe that those negative thoughts are true, and they lose their grip on you besides losing their power to generate bad thoughts.


Algiz rune meaning love, says that do not beat yourself up for failing to meet your plan. Try to avoid the harsh inner critic or aim to be perfect in everything. Again, please do not focus on your weaknesses and perceived flaws because it often results in low self-esteem and low self-belief.

The Algiz rune god says that only check on your past for learning and growth purposes period. Do not ruminate on your mistakes repeatedly with no real intention to learn and grow. Habitually lamenting will leave you more frustrated, apathetic, anxious, or depressed. Indeed as you focus on one wrong, you may fail to see the many good things around.

Algiz Rune Magic

The Algiz meaning reminds you that you need to seek professional advice if the native thoughts are deep-rooted and cannot control them deliberately. Again it would be helpful to seek medical assistance if the negative thoughts cannot allow you to perform tasks normally.

The symbolic significance of Algiz implies that it would be prudent to focus on the solutions instead of the problems. Allow your creative mind to bring new ideas and solutions into form. Surround yourself with guys who are actively facing their issues and determined to make it in life. Learn a skill or two to counter negative thinking more effectively.

When the Algiz rune is in your reading, it speaks of the presence of protection from unwanted energies. Whenever it is present, bolster your defenses, and open yourself to the arrival of a mentor or one who will lend needed support.

When one needs emotional control and stability, one can call on the Algiz rune, but it warns against hiding from adversity. Adversity is often the father of change. When brought up regarding a relationship, it tells us that we are in a warm and protective relationship, caring in its depths.

It can speak of a needed sanctuary, or at its most cautionary, an ethical dilemma coming our way. When cleansing is needed, this rune of the Elder Futhark can be drawn physically or spiritually to drive away unwanted negative forces.

Algiz – Merkstave Meaning (Reversed)


Being consumed by negative forces, a loss of our connection with the divine, a violation of taboo, and a warning to turn away from the same—a repulsion of the positive and forewarning of a hidden danger.


algiz merkstaveWhen the Algiz rune appears in Merkstave, it tells us that our defenses are weak and perhaps even breached. There is negative energy near and about us that will devour us given the opportunity.

It blocks our spirit, clouding our connection with the Gods, and can serve as a warning that we are violating a taboo and that we are reaping the consequences of breaking our own inner rules. The Merkstave Algiz rune, at its worst, is telling us that we or some influence in our life is actively driving us away from the positive influences in our lives.

It tells us to take a look at our lives and the way we are living them. Find what acts we’re taking that could be driving away that which is healthful and beneficial to us.

Algiz Rune Summary

In a statement, the Algiz rune tells you that It would be excellent if you block negative thinking whenever it nags you. Try to view things from the right perspective as you move forward.

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