Wunjo Meaning & Interpretation – Nordic Runes

Rune Poem for Wunjo

“Ƿenne bruceþ, ðe can ƿeana lyt
sares and sorge and him sylfa hæf
blæd and blysse and eac byrga geniht.”

“Who uses it knows no pain,
sorrow nor anxiety, and he himself has
prosperity and bliss, and also enough shelter.

Rune Name – Wunjo

Aett – Freyja’s

Aett Position – Eighth

Wunjo – Upright Meaning


The comforts of home, and the pleasure of our kith and kin. Fellowship in harmony and prosperity, and the ecstatic glory of battles won. Recognition by peers of our worth, overall success, and a tendency to over-abundance.


wunjoWunjo rune, joy of the world! With it come pleasure, and comfort, and the burning fire of a great hall. The singing of the Skalds among fellowship, binding us each to the other.

The battle has been won, and lo the Skalds do sing! When all the prizes have been pried from the hands of our enemies, we bring the wealth home to guard against the winter chill.

It is family, wife and son, daughter, and all bound together in the ecstatic celebration of the long ships sailing home. Heroes are recognized, their names etched in stone and sung by Skalds for all to hear and know!

It is the end of the long hunting season, a time of respite, rest, enjoyment. Let the joy transform us, that our goals may change like the seasons, and we may grow to better ourselves.

Wunjo – Merkstave Meaning (Reversed)


Sorrow and loneliness, the strife brought on by intoxication, madness, and the raging frenzy of the berserker. The stopping of progress, and alienation from our kin.


wunjo merkstaveBut doom comes when the Merkstave Wunjo is present, for in this we find sorrow. Men coming back on their shields rather than carrying them, the warrior lost in battle unable to tell friend from foe.

There is no peace when the Elder Futhark Wunjo hides in the dark, no joy or fellowship. It is the sorrowful lonely fire, the overindulgence in mead, and the fools fire for a task that has no meaning.

All things halt when Wunjo is the Merkstave, when it is marked by sorrow it brings only sorrow, and we will find our minds lost. It is madness that will touch us, and take us into the dark.

The Skalds will call us down, they will speak of our moon touched ways, and how our axe cleaved both kith and kin.

We will be shamed in the halls, for all shame the man that turns his blade on his own.

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