Fehu Meaning & Interpretation – Nordic Runes

Rune Poem for Fehu

“Fé vældr frænda róge;
føðesk ulfr í skóge.”

“Wealth is a source of discord amongst kin;
the wolf lives in the forest.”

Rune Name: Fehu, Pronounced “Fae-Hoo”

Aett: Freyja’s

Aett Position: First

Fehu – Upright Meaning


fehuProsperity, Finances, Sustenance, Luck, Personal Power, Prosperity, The Coming of Hope, Happiness, Social Success, Creation/Destruction, Abundance, Fertility, Circulation of Power, Financial Strength


The Fehu rune represents the most evident source of wealth amongst it’s Germanic roots, Cattle. It is the first rune stone in the “Elder Futhark”. By virtue of this it also represents the primeval cow, Audhumla, she as was nourished by the rime at the beginning of the world, and licked Búri, the first god of the Norse Pantheon, out of it.

Fire burns at the heart of the rune, its glimmering light bringing you signs of wealth and power. Do you have a need that remains unfulfilled, are there others in need of that wealth? All things lay in motion with Fehu, and all things come back to you.

It is the creative fire within, the light in the artist’s eye, when the Skald speaks, it is with Fehu’s fire he speaks, the act of creation calling out from this most base of Runes. The merchant feels Fehu’s touch when he does commerce, passing wealth from one hand to the next. The good wife, setting the fire to hearth, brings its influence into her home.

Fehu – Merkstave Meaning (Reversed)


Loss of property, esteem, failure, greed, exhaustion, wasting, discord, cowardice, loss of wealth, servitude

fehu merkstave


When Fehu comes in the dark, born as a merkstave, it brings poor portents. The chieftain shall come to you, taking from you your hearth and axe. You will find your brethren before you, cursing your name and calling you coward, your forefathers will weep to know you are the seed of their loins.

All you set to do will fall before you, you will know only sorrow, you will eat only ashes, as all your workings fall to naught. Your hammer shall break, your forge not fire as Fehu’s power leaves you, you will fall exhausted to your knees, weeping with a woman’s sound. You will look upon your arm, and find it as a babe’s, unable to lift axe or forge hammer as death takes you.

Your family will fall into discord, fighting amongst themselves like the worst of squabbling kin. You shall be called false, and no man will take your word. You will be called coward, your name shamed by the Skald before hearth and hall, kinsman and chieftain, and all your wealth will be stripped from you.

Beneath the Merkstave Fehu, you will find yourself locked in servitude as those stolen from distant shores, and your honor price will be lower than that of a nameless coward fallen beneath his kinsman arrow. Beware the merkstave Fehu caster, for it brings nothing but ill to you.

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