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Ansuz Rune Meaning: Voice Of The Universe

Ansuz Rune: Passing of Wisdom

Ansuz Rune represents the passing of wisdom whereby you inspire someone through your actions and how you manage your work. In other words, wisdom is not passed through words of mouth but through your actions. The things you do and the results you get will show people that this person is smart. Therefore, it is your chance to take responsibility for your life and show people who you are through your actions. Perhaps, you should ignore going the way of the world because you might find yourself in the wrong place. So, it is time to take charge of your life and do your work honestly. This will give you better results in the end, and people will learn from you. Equally, you can be the light of the people living around you because they will truly believe that everything is possible.


On the other hand, Ansuz symbolism encourages you that there is a greater future ahead of you despite the difficulties you are facing in life. In other words, you should feel encouraged always that out of the challenges you are facing comes your opportunity. So, keep going as long as you are in the right direction, and do not allow someone to discourage you from achieving your dreams. Perhaps, you should not throw away your confidence by believing the lies of someone else. Someone can see an opportunity in you and can use you to gain it. Thus, you must be watchful with the people that you surround yourself with.


Rune Poem for Ansuz

“ᚬÓss er algingautr ok ásgarðs jöfurr, ok valhallar vísi.”

“Óss is aged Gautr and prince of Ásgardr and lord of Vallhalla.”

Rune Name – Ansuz, or Óss

Aett – Freyja’s

Aett Position – Fourth

Ansuz Rune – Upright Meaning



Order, gods, passing of wisdom, reason among men, divine inspiration, language, breath, sound, chanting, origins of language, the Voice of the Universe, the spell song, rune casting, ancestors, passing of the breath, the evolution of gods, speech, poetry, discussion of runes, linguistics


ansuz runeThe Oss or Ansuz rune of the Elder Futhark, the rune of Order, speaks of reason and language. The great voices from times beginning to times ending speak to us through their wisdom. This wisdom, ancestors in our bones, is passed down to us from breath to breath; as our ancestors breathed the words, so do we breathe the words, and our ancestors are still with us.


Ansuz Power

Through our Skalds, we honor them, speakers of many tongues, keepers of the Eddas and the poems. The wisdom of the runes is passed through them, the origin of language is passed through them through the Ansuz rune stone, reasoning of the elders is passed through them, lessons for those of us that would listen.

The keepers of the Ansuz runes, our priests and godmen, speak to us of the gods, their origins, and their growth. They speak with the voice of the universe, chanting out the spell song and keeping the wisdom of Oss.

Their voice is in the drum-like chanting of their voices, and it strikes our hearts and minds until they reverberate with the vibrations of the great secrets and mysteries. Through this, the stories of man were told and passed, and unto you, the wisdom will come.

Ansuz – Merkstave Meaning (Reversed)


Miscommunication, Misinformation, Trickery, Bad Dealings


ansuz merkstaveIn the dark of the Ansuz rune, we find ourselves blinded. Skalds shall not speak of wisdom, the knowledge of our ancestors forgotten in the history of the world.

The Merkstave clouds all speech breaks communication and one man’s words to another area, the eagles to the fish. Make no deals at this time, do not trade coin for bread or services for promises; all will fall asunder and stink of the betrayer.

Ansuz Protection

The Merkstave Ansuz Rune bears us in the darkness of wisdom, the darkness of reason. Poetry crumbles at its presence and the stories are lost to the hubris of the present. The spell song breaks, the voice of the universe silent, and the gods speak not through the godmen.

Know that in this place, all communication is retched, all thoughts are broken, and words between men cannot be understood in any words but those of the trickster.

Ansuz Runes Magic

Through the Merkstave, we dishonor our relatives; the ancestor’s wisdom is spoken, its meaning lost. Their shame is cast upon us as we have forgotten their lessons.

Their chants are forgotten upon the hill, Odin’s wisdom falls from the tree, the spear breaks and the well of wisdom soiled with the lies of the trickster god.

What is the Meaning of Ansuz Rune?

Generally, the Ansuz symbol comprises an abundance of life and the things you should stop worrying about. In other words, you should be rejoicing always for the good health you have because that is the greatest opportunity to live the life that you want. Besides, you have what it takes to become successful in life. So, it is the right moment to stop worrying about yourself and start acting. Remember that good stuff favors those who believe in themselves. Notably, self-belief is one of the greatest aspects that one should rely upon because it will give you the advantage to live your dream life. Do not miss any opportunity by taking the wrong advice from someone else.


Ansuz’s meaning relates to the love you get from the spiritual realm. That is the kind of love that everyone should appreciate because it is always present even in trouble. That love will guide you to the future you deserve and it will teach you the goodness of loving unconditionally. Equally, let love give you the happiness you deserve.

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