Spiral Meaning

What Does A Spiral Mean?

Spirals are one of the oldest symbols. They symbolize the slow reveal of things that are hidden. It can mean growth and evolution. They could represent people coming back to the same point in their life, but with new and better kinds of understanding. The symbol of the spiral can push the viewer to be flexible and have trust when things change.

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The spiral is connected to the circle. The ancient spiral would represent the way the universe would evolve. It would symbolize female energy, fertility, and womb. It would represent constant change. It is a common shape that is easily found in nature.

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The double spiral was connected to faith that was concentrated on the earth and mystical. Those ideas would blend with ideas that evolve and devolve. The double spiral focuses on opposite ideas. The opposite ideas are typically things like growth and decay, or physical and spiritual. The focus the double spiral has on opposite ideas is like that of yin yang.

The spiral is very easy to work into everyday life.
Credit: http://thetanglednest.com/2013/07/diaries-and-the-wild-mind/spiral-staircase/

Spirals are often found in Celtic symbols and Celtic artifacts. Spirals can hold spiritual meaning. The spiral can represent changing focus from ego to being enlightened. The rings of the spiral show the change that will happen. The spiral will symbolize the idea of expansion.

The spiral can represent evolution and surrender. It can symbolize the way that stars and planets, and time revolve. It will represent being aware of a piece being part of a whole. The spiral will symbolize connection to God and the energy of the cosmos. Spirals can represent harmony, beginning, concentration, and focus. They can be used to expand, connect, and develop the mind. Spirals represent journey, direction, and progress.

Using Spirals Everyday

The spiral is very easy to work into everyday life. They can be drawn or painted, focused as one or used to make a mural. The spiral can help expand the mind. Spirals can increase creative feelings. They appear in nature in different places. Using nature examples of spirals in art is an easy way to use them to increase creative feelings.

Spirals can be found in plants, like vines or tree trunks that twist. A snail shell, a curled up snake, and even animals like rams have examples of spirals. Seashells like nautilus shells are natural examples of spirals.

The spiral will mean different things to different cultures. In Greece it means infinity. It will represent continual motion and balance. Celtic cultures are the most dominant that use spirals. They think it represents birth, development, and expansion. They would use a triple spiral.

There are other symbols in other cultures that use spirals as accents or as part of the whole that is their symbol. When a spiral is used as part of a bigger symbol, the meaning of the spiral could change. It is mostly positive where it is used.

Though it can represent goddess, the single spiral does not mean that typically. People will need to decide what the spiral means to them and then how they want to use it in their lives.

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