Jhené Aiko Natal Chart – What Does Astrology Predict?

Jhene Aiko Natal Chart

I was honored with the opportunity to do Jhené Aiko’s chart. Jhené is a double Pisces with a Sagittarius rising. As a Sag rising she plays the role and walks towards the life path of a spiritual leader. Jupiter is one of her ruling planets and with a Pisces Sun, Neptune is her other ruler. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and higher morals and hers in the 5th house of creativity. She has made her wealth off her spiritual twist to her creativity.

As my favorite song of hers depicts, Spotless Mind, she is in need of constant change and chasing after new horizons. Sag risings tend to be chased after because of their elusive nature. With so many planets in Pisces, she is hard to pin down. With Neptune and Uranus in the first, her sense of identity is ever-changing and unique.

Neptune is the planet of spirituality and consciousness, but also represents delusion and no boundaries. People with Neptune in the first are talented spiritualists because of the lack of a concrete identity. They are able to become one with their surroundings and the universe around them. However, this can cause a lot of pain because they do not know who they are and can get frustrated from getting lost in the clouds. She is naturally mystical and connected to source, leaving earth life to be difficult. With Uranus the planet of originality and change on her ascendant as well, she feels the need to change up her look a lot. We see this with her constant change of hair.

With her Moon conjunct her Sun in Pisces in the 4th house and a Venus in Taurus, she seeks comfort and stability. People with Moon on their Sun and with 4th house planets can take on the characteristics of a Cancer Sun. Being able to express her emotions is important to her as her Moon is in the 3rd house of communications. Pisces suffer a lot because of their compassionate nature. Pisces moons are even more compassionate.

They are sensitive to energy and their personality will switch with their moods and environment. She tires easily from people and public places and would rather be dreaming than anything else. Fluorite would be helpful to her as it clears out psychic debris. Having a routine schedule is harsh and needs a lot of alone time to process everything. With Mars Conjunct Neptune (I have this aspect!) she is the most empathetic person.

To the extent, she is tricked and manipulated. Both her Pisces energy and this aspect make her a good psychic and open to higher realms. She is probably Clair-sensitive and can read energy quite well. She lives in another world to separate herself from the cruelty of the earth plane. Competing is hard and seen as harsh, so she got what she wanted through charm and her energy. With Mars being an “ego” planet and Neptune being spirituality, she has little ego if none at all. This leaves her open to spiritual heights and again, more pain as people do not understand her.

Although, it makes her uniquely creative and attractive. Pisces/Neptune energy naturally vibrates higher. She may have issues with energy vampires. With Mars being sex and Capricorn’s hard lessons, there were painful lessons surrounding sex. Mars in Capricorns are known for being very sexy, ambitious, and successful. She wanted to be famous at a young age. Although her Pisces energy makes her shy and wants to hide at times, her 1st house stellium balances it out making her a leader and a star. With NN in Pisces conjunct her son, she’s operating on good karma and was a spiritualist in a past life as well.

With mercury in Pisces at 1 degree, her mind is like a sea of imagination. She may get lost in the sea herself. She thinks in poems and expresses herself in a lyrical way(even when she’s not writing music) Holding conversation may be hard as she is spacey. Mercury doesn’t like to be in water signs.

Mercury is supposed to be logic. She lacks air in her chart so detaching from her emotions is particularly hard. With a 3rd house stellium and Chiron in the 7th(the wounded healer) she heals her intense emotions through writing and communicating. With pluto oppose her venus and with Chiron in the 7th, she has had relationships that left her “in ruin” only for her to blossom and heal through her music. North Node is in the 3rd house indicates it was part of her destiny to speak her truth.

Pluto in the 11th house gives her the power to transform society. She has been a one of a kind artist and done just so. With her Moon trine Pluto she is able to transform her emotional habits easier than most. With her moon in the 3rd house sextile venus in the 5th, her creativity and love style is easily expressed! With the 10th house of career in healing Virgo, she was born to be a healer.

With Saturn at home in Capricorn, she had some pretty rough lessons. She learned that she was gonna have to do things herself but was destined to be successful. She had many struggles and received little help. Success was a long road. It conjuncts her Uranus and Neptune so she had lessons with her spiritual path and freedom. A lot of famous people have Saturn conjunct outer planets. Saturn likes to be in Capricorn so the morals and perseverance it taught her did her good in the long run. Again, she benefits more than most from good karma. Her sun squares Saturn and Uranus so she had to work harder to integrate her sense of self and lessons into her being.

Overall, she has a very harmonious chart. The only difficulty is being so sensitive and needing isolation. Her soul has a depth that’s hard to understand with Mars conjunct Neptune and she might be so idealistic she suffers from disappointment. She was born to be successful, creative, a leader, and a mystic. Fantasy, escapism, and healing is her life.

Thank you Jhené for your suffering, healing, and leadership!

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