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Kaunan Rune Meaning: Clarity Of Sight

Kaunan Rune: Warmness and Openness

Kaunan rune represents your openness towards the people you surround yourself with, which gives you the ability to interact with them. In other words, you will get the chance to discuss what is important in your lives and the things that will take the community to the next level. Cooperation is what is needed in our daily lives because it will bring goodies to the community at large. Therefore, you must be among the first people to practice that aspect to encourage other people. Perhaps, being on the front line shows that you care for the people around you. That means you are someone who values good qualities that will improve the livelihood of the people living around you. Equally, your kindness will someday earn you overwhelming blessings plus your entire family.


Furthermore, Kaunan rune symbolism promotes the aspect of creativity. You are smart enough to do your stuff. Besides, the things you do when you are alone will seem to be perfect because you will have no confusion. Precisely, to some extent, you will need support from other people to boost your work. So, you should understand that life is all about depending on yourself first before bringing others into your life. Whenever you learn to be dependent, then it will become an easy task to join hands with other people. In other words, you learn how to become your boss before focusing on someone else. Notably, the world needs people who are skillful like you, so you should let your actions present you to the world.


Rune Poem for Kaunan

“Cen byþ cwicera gehwam, cuþ on fyre
blac ond beorhtlic, byrneþ oftust
ðær hi æþelingas inne restaþ.”

“The torch is known to every living man
by its pale, bright flame; it always burns
where princes sit within.”

Rune Name – Kaunan, Kenaz

Aett – Freyja’s

Aett Position – Sixth


Kaunan – Upright Meaning


Clarity of sight, inspiration, creativity, strength, revelations, passion, application of technical skill, the heart’s fire, power harnessed, the act and power of regeneration: the ability to create your reality, openness to energy, and sexual love.


kenazThe Kaunan or Kenaz rune of the Elder Futhark does come in the night, bringing light to the dark of our confusion, day’s eye. Through the light of Kaunan inspiration comes.


The Skalds find new words, and the future finds new dreams; the seer sees the will of the gods.

In the hand of the smith, the sword takes shape, as his skill turns metal to the tool, his skill glowing in the light of Kaunan.

Kaunan Power

The fire can also transform the soul, guiding us into the dark of the spirit cave, into the ice.

Where beneath the darkest stone, we find our inner selves waiting and coming back forever changed, having faced ourselves in the deep. It brings new power, new strength, new soul.

The fire also kindles in the young man’s loins as he sees she who will bear him strong sons and keep his home and hearth safe in his absence. As the Elk to the Doe, does the fire call him?

Kaunan – Merkstave Meaning (Reversed)


The end of things, getting lost, both mentally and physically, is the ending of things through lack of vision, disease, writer’s block, creativity stagnation.


kaunan merkstaveThe Merkstave of the Kaunan is as the mists of the great sea, the breath of Jörmungandr, the world serpent. It disguises our path, clouds our mind, and leaves us wandering among the realms of illusion. We do not see, and we hope for that we know cannot be.

Kaunan Protection

It leaves us naked before the world, naked before our kin, as naked as a babe we are in the face of the Merkstave Kenaz.

It shows a severance of ways as we part in the mist, our paths together lost; it brings with it disease and pestilence against us and leaves us exposed.

Bind down when this rune appears, trust nothing you see, till the breath of Jörmungandr clears your eyes, and the future lies open to you.

Kaunan Rune Meaning In Love

The Kaunan symbol illustrates the ability you have to become your motivator. Sometimes life favors people who believe in themselves because they can achieve what they want. Thus, you do not require someone else to motivate you always but motivate yourself. It can be a boring thing to do, but with time it will become a routine. Perhaps, within some time when you are done with that period, you will have different kinds of people coming into your life in the name of motivation. Notably, you should not turn them around but listen to what they say because it can be a true light to your future. Just learn to be accommodative.

Kaunan Rune Meaning

Generally, the Kaunan element describes the possibilities and gives you the direction that will lead you to a successful future. The direction you will take depends on the level of your patience. In other words, the right direction will need all your patience because it is leading you to a future you will admire. Therefore, before you start taking any direction, you have to measure the level of your patience first. Remember that your value will be determined by the time you take to reach there. Equally, the longer you take, the greater you become.


Kaunan’s meaning highlights the importance of having visions in your life. Visions will act as the light of your way to the destination you want. Nevertheless, visions will guide you and keep you in the right direction regardless of the challenges you are facing.

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