Kaunan Meaning & Interpretation – Nordic Runes

Rune Poem for Kaunan

“Cen byþ cwicera gehwam, cuþ on fyre
blac ond beorhtlic, byrneþ oftust
ðær hi æþelingas inne restaþ.”

“The torch is known to every living man
by its pale, bright flame; it always burns
where princes sit within.”

Rune Name – Kaunan, Kenaz

Aett – Freyja’s

Aett Position – Sixth

Kaunan – Upright Meaning


Clarity of sight, inspiration, creativity, strength, revelations, passion, application of technical skill, the hearts fire, power harnessed, the act and power of regeneration. The ability to create your own reality, openness to energy and sexual love.


kenazThe Kaunan or Kenaz rune of the Elder Futhark does come in the night, bringing light to the dark of our confusion, days eye. Through the light of Kaunan does inspiration come.

The Skalds find new words, the future finds new dreams, the seer sees the will of the gods.

In the hand of the smith does the sword take shape, as his skill turns metal to tool, his skill glowing in the light of Kaunan.

The fire can also transform the soul, guiding us into the dark of the spirit cave, into the ice.

Where beneath the darkest stone we find our inner selves waiting, and come back forever changed having faced ourselves in the deep. It brings new power, new strength, new soul.

The fire also kindles in the young man’s loins as he sees she who will bear him strong sons and keep his home and hearth safe in his absence. As the Elk to the Doe, does the fire call him.

Kaunan – Merkstave Meaning (Reversed)


The end of things, getting lost, both mentally and physically, the ending of things through lack of vision, disease, writers block, creativity stagnation.


kaunan merkstaveThe Merkstave of the Kaunan is as the mists of the great sea, the breath of Jörmungandr, the world serpent. It disguises our path, clouds our mind, and leave us wandering among the realms of illusion. We do not see, we hope for that we know cannot be.

It leaves us naked before the world, naked before our kin, as naked as a babe we are in the face of the Merkstave Kenaz.

It shows a severance of ways as we part in the mist, our paths together lost, it brings with it disease and pestilence against us, and leaves us exposed.

Bind down when this rune appears, trust nothing you see, till the breath of Jörmungandr clears your eyes, and the future lay open to you.

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