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Nauthiz Rune Meaning: Help And Salvation

Nauthiz Rune: Endurance to Survive

Nauthiz Rune shows the possibility of becoming successful after a strong struggle and survives under harsh and terrifying conditions. In other words, you are good at applying your survival tactics because you are almost where you have been aiming for. You should realize earlier that life is not going to be easy when you take it the easy way. You have to put effort into every field to achieve what you are looking for. On the other hand, you should be responsible for whatever is going on with your life because that is all that matters. Notably, you should put yourself in a position where you can push yourself forward.


More so, Nauthiz Rune’s symbolism illustrates the new solutions that you have to create to deal with your old problems. It is essential to update your techniques so that you can sort your problems easily. Perhaps, this is all about your sharpness because with time things change, and when they change they seem to become harder. Equally, life can be easy if you can learn better ways to deal with it.


Rune Poem for Nauthiz

“Nyd byþ near on breast;
weorþeþ hi þeah oft niþa bearnum
to helpe and to hæle gehwæþre,
gif hi his hlystaþ æror.”

“Trouble is oppressive to the heart;
yet often it proves a source of help and salvation
to the children of men,
to everyone who heeds it betimes.”

Rune Name – Nauthiz


Aett – Heimdall’s

Aett Position – Second

Nauthiz – Upright Meaning



Strength is built through facing resistance, new solutions to old problems, independence, reliance on self, ability to overcome confusion and conflict. The endurance to survive, the determination to pull through. Taking the initiative to change oneself and face what scares you.


rune nauthizThe Nauthiz rune of the Elder Futhark heralds hardship in your life, unwanted responsibility causing discontent. The frustration with obstacles that stand between you and what you need. It speaks of strength built in the face of adversity, and the endurance to persist in the face of difficulty.

Nauthiz Rune Magic

Nauthiz rules over our lives when we see a continuing difficulty in our lives and take pains to change the road we follow. This is when the fire of self blazes high, and we take pains to improve ourselves.

We burn out the unwanted parts of ourselves, letting the fire transform them. Nauthiz rune can also set the way to resolve conflict and clear away confusion, clearing the path for understanding.

Nauthiz – Merkstave Meaning (Reversed)


Imprisonment, monotonous work, hard labor, distress from want and deprivation, hunger, being poor, hunger for emotional connection.


nauthiz merkstaveThe Nauthiz Merkstave comes, and with it brings omens of distress and imprisonment. We may be bound by things other than bars. Our circumstances can bind us, continuous monotonous struggle, trying to dig ourselves out of a rut.

When we find ourselves locked away from the light of human contact, no real pairing with another, our hearts not touching one another.

Nauthiz Power

With the Merkstave we’ll find ourselves needing to grow and break the chains of everyday existence. We cannot continue as we are, for as we are locked to the wheel, turning only in the routes it knows to follow.

We are not driven for personal change, we only know work and continuous work. But when that work is being done with a shovel, all we do is dig ourselves deeper into that hole.

What does Nauthiz Symbolize?

Specifically, the Nauthiz symbol is a warning that you need to fix some things in life before they become worse. In other words, you are in the right moment to change your path in life because you are heading in the wrong direction. Remember that your future is always in your hands and whatever you do today will determine what your future will be like. So, you need to appreciate nature because it has made your life better. Simply you are not the same as the person you were last season. Things are becoming better because of the changes you are facing in your daily life.

Nauthiz Rune Meaning Love

Nauthiz’s protection brings the valuable meaning of having someone who cares. Simply, life is not going to be easy when you take it alone. Perhaps, it will become easy when you are taking it with your partner. Probably, when you are with the right person then everything will become easy because you understand each other perfectly. Equally, you should choose your partner wisely because it is not all marriages that work. Be the example of a better family.

Nauthiz Rune God

Nauthiz rune meaning shows the fields that you need to focus on. Spiritual knowledge is what you need to focus on most of your time because that is all that matters in life. Probably, your journey should focus on your spiritual strengthening. This will help you see the things that are going to happen in the future and give you time to set yourself well. Therefore, whatever you are doing now should be taking you to a spiritual kingdom. Equally, every goody you want in life is found in the spiritual kingdom.


Nauthiz’s meaning generalizes the importance of accepting different kinds of people to be part of your life. Every person in the entire universe is blessed with a certain power that will change the world to a better place. Thus, when you jointly work together then you will achieve great things in life. More so, you should keep encouraging people to work together and support each other where necessary. Notably, you should not give jealousy any room because it will ruin your work.

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