Othala Meaning & Interpretation – Nordic Runes

Rune Poem for Othala

“byþ oferleof æghwylcum men,
gif he mot ðær rihtes and gerysena on
brucan on bolde bleadum oftast.”

“[An estate] is very dear to every man,
if he can enjoy there in his house
whatever is right and proper in constant prosperity.”

Rune Name – Othala, Othila

Aett – Tyr’s

Aett Position – Seventh

Othala – Upright Meaning


Mark of fair play, and great capacity for knowledge. The call of adventure and the personal skill to reach it and adaptability, love of home, patriotism, family, and homeland. This is a mark of an honest man destined for great wealth, perhaps through inheritance or birthright.


othalaThe Othala or Othila rune of the Elder Futhark marks the coming of a time of great prosperity for the one it marks. There are a great many adventures in life. Those marked by this rune are uncommonly equipped to face them and conquer them.

Those adventures will always lead home, when they are not driven by them, and it is the burning love of home that the Othala rune marks.

When the day calls, the Othila rune tells us that we will be home, we will wander home, or we shall wander afield from it, looking to protect it. We will ensure that it is treated with fair play.

A person can learn a great deal about their life, and their capacity for gathering that knowledge is beyond parallel when the Othila rune is with them.

Othala – Merkstave Meaning (Reversed)


The future approached without forethought, without enthusiasm, or the maturity of age. Promised inheritances are without value, and will produce nothing worthwhile. It is the appropriate time to take a calculated risk, and not doing so will be costly and regretted.


othala merkstaveThe Othala rune, marked in merkstave, warns that we have not thought of our future ahead, we are approaching it with the wild abandon of untempered immaturity. It warns us that we are seeking to take part in established things without being marked by maturity.

This maturity can also mark the future and our wealth, an inheritance or investment that simply isn’t quite ready to be harvested. In this mark it warns us it is time to wait, to be patient.

However, it speaks just the opposite if we are faced with a new opportunity, it is a terrible time for investments. But it can be a terrific time to take advantage of a new situation, provided that situation poses some obvious risk that would otherwise deter us.

At this time we lack the enthusiasm to pursue this situation, and the Othila merkstave tells us it’s time to find that enthusiasm and strike while the iron is hot.

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  1. W zyciu nie chodzi o to, by siebie odnalezc. W zyciu chodzi o to, aby siebie samego stworzyc. – George Bernard Shaw

  2. I got Othala…but my question was about love.. How to interprete it?

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