Monday, August 2, 2021

Tarot Meditation For The World Upright

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Gold for culmination, success of our efforts

Meditation For The World – Upright

This tarot meditation on the upright World card will focus on that moment when we have achieved our goals, our inner peace. Contentment in the world and enjoying the ultimate fruits of our labors. Spiritual and emotional fulfillment, and the coming together in a relationship with other people. All of our journeys have more than one destination, in fact, they have many!

Set up your meditation area with its cloth and candle, and as you settle in let yourself be overcome with fulfillment, the joy of a life lived well and the achievement of your life goals.

As you slip beneath the waves to the meditation, you will find yourself sitting on a porch of a home. Let yourself see the home in your mind, and your partner settled in next to you.

The land around you is an open ranch field, and green fields flow away ahead of you. You are both aged, but healthy and strong. Internally there is a contentment to your life.

This tarot meditation on the upright World card will focus on that moment when we have achieved our goals, our inner peace. You have come through the storms, a tumbled tower visible on the hillside far away. The quiet squeak of the wheel of a windmill sounds from off to the right, and a patina covered trumpet rests by your side.

The day is warm, comfortable, and you know you have found your peace. There are still many paths in the road ahead, but that road always leads back here, to home.

Around you are gathered children, maybe yours, maybe just those who’ve come to learn from you.

You pass on your wisdom, telling them all you’ve learned, knowing that they still must learn it themselves. Perhaps you can ease the road ahead.

After a while, you send the children off to their job, living and playing in joy, and stand to walk inside. The inside of your home is filled with the icons of your life, the days you lived and the path you walked to get to your current goal.

It was not easy, it was not without challenge, but every one of them was worth it, and a recognition of who you are now.

What would you have been without them, you wonder? What if your life had been easy rather than fraught with the challenges unique to your path? It doesn’t matter, regrets and speculation don’t change that you’ve finally made it. You settle down at dinner with your partner, and watch the sun slowly settle over the western horizon.

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Tomorrow is another day, but today’s journey is finished, and thank goodness it’s ended at home. Take the feeling of contentment and simple happiness with you as you go, knowing that the future that lay ahead will bring more lessons, but you know that your current work is done.

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