Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Tarot Meditation For The World Reversed

Associated Colors:

Copper for lesser success, growth

Meditation For The World – Reversed

Sometimes on our path to our purpose, our culmination of self, we trip. We find challenges that we just aren’t certain we’re up for, or just don’t recognize that they are the challenge we need to reach.

The tarot meditation on the world card reversed represents that moment where we are held up on our path for which we’ve been working for so long.

Take the copper cloth and candle, and set up your area for meditation, think on the feelings of frustration when you know you’re so close.

The frustration of not knowing why you work and work, and just seem to be caught on a tread-mill. Let yourself be taken into the meditation, and find yourself looking at a map.

You’ve followed this map for a long time, knowing that it’s been the path from home to where you wished to be. You retrace it a hundred times, trying to find out what prevents you from going forward.

The tarot meditation on the world card reversed represents that moment where we are held up on our path for which we’ve been working for so long.You thought you had looked this far ahead, but somehow the map suddenly petered out. There is no listed path forward, no road clearly marked showing you where you need to go.

Starting over from the beginning on the map, you trace your path again, remembering where you were, glorying in those challenges you found and overcame.

Rather than making you feel empowered, it is all the more frustrating. How could you have come through all of this without a hitch, and suddenly find yourself blocked on the home stretch?

You hold the map away from you, maybe there was something you hadn’t seen, maybe it would be clear if extended from yourself. You pore over it, hoping it will just jump out at you, maybe you were just too close.

You peer at it, growing more and more frustrated. You finally throw the map down on the ground, and bury your face in your hands.

This is it, you’re just stuck, there’s no way forward. It’d be right there on the map, it’d be evident on your careful plan from beginning to end, but there isn’t one there. It’s just not there, you look up to stare angrily at the road ahead….

And there it is. Your goal is right there in front of you, just a little ahead, there’s overgrowth and trees and vines in the way. But there is a machete, right there by the edge of the forest, and it’s not that far. You’ll make your own road, it’s just one more challenge after all! Someone has to make that first road, why not you?

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As you come out of the meditation you carry the frustration you felt with you. That frustration is what gets in your way, what gets between you and your goals, and if you can let that go, the last few steps to your goal will make themselves evident. You’ve worked for this goal for so long, don’t give up now!

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