Saturday, July 31, 2021

Tarot Meditation For Judgement Upright

Associated Colors:

Black for healthy pride and grounding in your truth

Meditation For Judgement – Upright

This tarot meditation on the upright Judgement card will focus on inner truth, our absolute pure self, and conviction. We often pass through times in our lives where we find ourselves questioning our inner truth, this card represents the moment when that passes. We have finally gotten to the place where we can stand on our beliefs and ourselves knowing who and what we are.

As you lay out the meditation area, allow this feeling of conviction to fill you, immerse yourself in it. There is no need for aggression, no need for anger. Your truth is your truth, and no longer needs defending, you just ‘are’.

As you slip into the meditation, you find yourself in a room, black except for a single TV currently tuned to static.

The static clarifies into a series of commercials, each of them in turn telling you who you are, what you need, and what you need to be happy. You sit smiling, laughing at them as they go by.

This tarot meditation on the upright Judgement card will focus on inner truth, our absolute pure self, and conviction.You used to believe these things, that a yogurt would make you content and happy, a type of cigarette make you cool. They spoke to you, every day, saying what you needed to be whole, what would make you a complete person.

How you ever believed them is beyond you. You turn off the TV, and pick up a book on religion. Not spirituality, but religion. You smile on the days before you knew the difference. When you felt that someone else had to dictate to you a moral standard of right and wrong.

What your soul needed to be whole, complete, and in the ‘right’ with the universal powers. Now you know that it is your connection with the Universe that matters, your place, and your truth.

The stories were valid, but so many wanted to use them to control. Entire industries were built on the back of making others believe that their leaders knew their hearts and souls better than themselves. You’re free of that now, you know that your truth is the one you’ve found. No questions, no uncertainty, your truth is your own.

You stand from your chair, and through the dark room, leaving the TV behind to whisper it’s poison to those who still need that support, still need that teat.

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You’re free of it and all other propaganda now, and what a relief to have that burden off your back. You throw open the door to the sun, the world outside, and with the sword of your conviction in hand, step out to face it at last, whole, and you.

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