Tarot Meditation For Judgement Reversed

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Black for the blinding of dark, the wool over your eyes

Meditation For The Judgement – Reversed

Sometimes we get a stick up our respective backsides, we are so absolutely convinced of what we believe to be true that we cannot see any other way. This is the ugly side of conviction, the loss of the ability to see the world through any lens but our own shown by the tarot meditation on the reversed Judgement card. Often this is entered into as a form of self-defense, especially if we have been gas lighted by someone before.

There is a subtle difference between not needing anyone else to validate our beliefs, to absolute knowledge of our inner-self, and not being able to hear anyone else speak a truth that doesn’t match ours and the immediate assumption that they are both wrong, and the enemy.

Within our meditation today, we will take with us feelings of fear, anger, and conviction that the world is out to get you, and that it is only possible for your truth to be the truth.

As you slip into this meditation, you will find yourself standing on a street corner proselytizing your truth. The world must know, and you alone can save them!

The ugly side of conviction, the loss of the ability to see the world through any lens but our own is shown by the tarot meditation on the reversed Judgement card.After all, you know the ultimate truth, it has been revealed to you, and the rest of these people are poor lost fools. But that is why you’re here, to help them, after all, with all your years of experience you know the truth much better than these young folks.

Occasionally you’ll get one that will stop to try to talk with you, talking to you and listening to your responses. Many of them take your hand and thank you enthusiastically and go on to do what you suggested.

Wise children those, respectful of your greater knowledge and experience. Those that come back saying that what you told them didn’t work obviously are either lying, or misunderstood your message. After all! It worked for you!

Then there are the others, the ones who will stop and talk to you, listening carefully to what you have to say, and responding in thoughtful, reasoning tones. You appreciate these as they give you someone to sharpen your foil against.

They are so often convinced that your ways are wrong, and their arguments are often quite persuasive. Sometimes you even start to question yourself.

But then your absolute knowledge kicks in, and you know that you can’t let in those who would mislead you, or those who think they know the way. Why, your way has worked for you for years! Kept you safe, kept you protected! You can’t possibly try anything else, not when you know what works.

Let us fade back from this one, watching them from above and see the well created around them. They have driven away all those who know them, leaving only sycophants and the occasional person who wanders within reach, not knowing that they will soon have this person’s convictions foisted upon them.

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Coming out of the meditation, ask yourself. What do you think of this person, are they familiar, do you know others like them, or recognize them in yourself? Think carefully on the lessons inherent in this tarot meditation, and record them in your journal for later consideration.

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