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Eight Of Swords: Embrace Challenges And Move on

Eight Of Swords Meaning

You will not have it easy in this world; you have to work hard and endure every bit of your decisions. Eight of swords remind you of good things that you have to do and reach your destination at the right time. Besides, challenges should be helping you in gaining confidence and being ready for another challenge. Work correctly and look for opportunities that you are sure will help you struggle to make the ends good.

But eight swords have a different view of how you cannot reach your goals without accepting the shortcomings you encounter. Life gives you different phases that can be the turning point to your sufferings. So, you have to know what will work best for you and the one that will not give you the desired results. All in all, the eight swords upright remind you of good times, and accepting changes that you are sure will give you make decisions that will impact your life.

Eight Of Swords Love

When you have challenges in your marriage, love, and relationships, you have to be strong. Everything will be fine when you have the heart of consistency, hard work, and determination. Plus, a positive attitude will enable you to have a clear imagination despite the shortcomings you face. Do not accept anything that is not giving you the right satisfaction, ok to overcome it. Feel the need to go higher in your wishlist and explore the world from a different perspective.

Additionally, eight of swords career emphasizes getting something important in your workplace. You have to endure all the challenges that you are encountering in your life. Be honest and do something that adds value to what you do. Aim high in your dreams and never let your ego tasks over the good trait of success in you. Chase your desires and be persistent in your actions. Your goals can be an important part of your progress.

Eight Of Swords Yes Or No

Seeing your positive progress is the desire that you have right now. However, if you don’t plan well, not everything will go well. You have to look for instances that require you to add more effort and accomplish your results. Look at your friends in your circle; are they positive, do they motivate you to work hard? If so, then you have to continue using them as pillars to finding your success. In such a scenario, you have to go ahead with what you are doing and achieve prosperity.

Also, eight swords tarot guides give you relevant rules of understanding the things in life that affect your progress. However, through information about upright and reversed cards, you can gain something phenomenal and achieve success. Lok for something that rejuvenates and gives you the motive to look forward and achieve your purpose. Be optimistic in your struggles, and you will overcome the hurdles. Embrace those thoughts and ideas that will build your character.

Eight Of Swords Meaning allows you to widen your perspective about life. Nothing is permanent, and you have to work past everything you are facing and creep to reach the destination. Through the guidance of eight coins, you can understand good choices that will remind you of good things in your life. You don’t have to give in to negative forces as they may derail and use your energy for nothing. Be hopefully that you will achieve what you want at the end of the day.

Eight Of Swords On The Future

Tink of your life from an angle that ignites good things in your life. Go beyond negative emotions through the eight of swords tarot. Embrace the right challenges as you imagine the eight swords symbol to guide you to gaining great dreams and the future.

Eight of Swords Meaning In A Tarot Reading

The Eight of Swords represents a sort of self-imposed imprisonment. The problem with this intellectual aspect of the Minor Arcana is that it can leave us locked in when it goes wild.

Too much thinking about a situation binds you in the indecision of our own thoughts and convinces us that no action is the right one. This tarot card often leaves us filled with an immense sense of hopelessness.

Eight of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


eight of swordsThe Eight of Swords represents imprisonment, often self-imposed. When this tarot card shows up, it indicates that we have surrendered our power to another and are waiting to be rescued.

We have given up our agency to another, and this card warns us that it’s time to take it back. Often we don’t realize that our predicament is the result of our own decision.

Past Events:

Fear and uncertainty have had your hands bound for so long; you don’t know how to break yourself free. You’ve given your freedom over, waiting for someone to set you free, and no one is going to. Your current circumstances are the result of you not taking responsibility for your situation. It’s time for that to change.

Present Events:

You’re finding yourself hesitant to act, feeling like you can’t make a proper decision. Someone else is far better suited is what you think. Break this now before it cements you into place. The imprisonment you’re feeling is your own doing, and so is taking the option of your freedom.

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Future Events:

You have to take careful steps forward at this time. Your mindset at the moment is going to lead you right into a self-built trap. It will be tough for you to break yourself free of it.

But it will fill you with guilt when you see the results. Don’t let that guilt set on you; you made the right choice! You haven’t seen it coming yet, but it will result from an action you will take that makes perfect sense.

Yes/No Interpretation:

The answer in this case is no, but it is a self-imposed No.  At this point you’re not going to make this choice, and it’s your own behaviors and choices that have led to it.  At this point it’s best to remain stationary on this one.

Eight of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


eight of swords reversedThe Eight of Swords reversed represents a liberation of mind and spirit. In response to the challenges you have faced, your mind has opened to all the possibilities ahead of you.

This represents a period of growth and expansion of self and the recognition of the open options.

Past Events:

When the Eight of Swords appears in your past, it represents having passed through a period of growth. You’ve been free and open in your experiences and have shed the past from you like an old chrysalis that no longer fits the person you’ve become.

Present Events:

You are at the beginning of a new chapter in your life, having cast off your chains. You are now ready to accept your options and make the changes that have always been available to you.

The hesitation and fear you once lived under are gone, and your perspective has broadened to include all possible paths.

Future Events:

You are on the brink of an epiphany. The challenges you now face are serving as fertilizer for the soil of your mind and self, and shortly, it will blossom into a garden of self-realization.

Yes/No Interpretation:

Yes!  It’s time to move forward out of this time of stagnation, don’t let the situation you’re in hold you back!  It’s just been a chrysalis waiting for this moment!  Go forth!


Eight of swords advise you to work hard and achieve anything you want. However, challenges are there to give you the power and confine as well as experience. Dream big despite hurdles.

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