How To Do Fire Meditation

How To Do Fire Meditation

Fire meditation is an intense internal meditation that raises the blood pressure and heightens awareness, in essence artificially heightening one’s senses and augmenting one’s body in preparation for something coming head-on. Ancient fighters used to use it to prepare for battles. Find out how to do it here!

Traditionally performed by warrior-priests in mountain monasteries in Asia, fire meditation is akin to war chants and dances that send their participants into frenzied ecstasy in preparation for battles or challenges.

Modern-day fighters have their own versions of this kind of preparations, whether listening to loud music or running through combinations of attacks in their head. You can use this meditation for any time when you need to be fired up, when you need to awaken the violent, savage side in your mind and body, when you need to be intense and need to have no barriers in your mind.

This meditation is done standing in traditional practice, in a shoulder-width stance with your feet pointing forward and your knees slightly bent. To begin, make a circle with your index finger and thumb on your left hand, then make a similar circle with your right hand, joining the two circles together like a chain.

Next, place the tips of your remaining three extended fingers together. This is the kuji-in, or hand position, for fire meditation. Hold this position with your fingers pointing upward about one fist’s width from the bottom of your sternum.

fire meditation

Begin by imagining that there is a furnace in your stomach, and it is burning wood and coal. Feel the heat begin to emanate from it. The fire needs fuel, needs to be bellowed before it can properly blaze! Picture a huge bellows, primed and ready, pointing into the furnace. This bellows is your intent.

Breathe in sharply and deeply through your mouth, opening your throat. Breathe out sharply through your mouth – if you feel the need, you can pass this air through your vocal chords and shout or growl or recite. This is your bellows forcing air into the fire, making it hotter and hotter.

The goal is to super-oxygenate your bloodstream. Make sure not to hyperventilate, but breath deeply and quickly six times. Each breath forces more air into the fore, stokes the flames higher, makes the blaze hotter. Feel it growing into your limbs, feel it burning away inhibitions, feel it break down barriers in your mind. You are gearing up for war, for a fight. You don’t need mental blocks. Let the fire tear them down.

Never do more than two sets of six breaths together, because the risk of actual hyperventilation is high with this meditation. With each breath, tense your muscles on the outward breath and relax them on the inward. Your body temperature will rise, and you will find yourself ready to take on any physical challenge with no mental barriers.

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