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Leo Woman Leo Man – A Passionate Enthusiastic Match

Love Compatibility Between Leo Woman Leo Man

How compatible are Leo women and Leo men mentally, emotionally and sexually? Being of the same fire sign, the Leo woman and Leo man share a similar passion and enthusiasm for life and love. They understand their partner’s need for excitement and love of activity. But the Leo woman Leo man pair also share the same big ego, which makes it difficult to relinquish any control. What is the best match for a Leo? Who is a Leo woman most compatible with? What is the best sign for a Leo woman to marry?


Leo Woman Leo Man Relationship – Pros

It’s easy to spot the lion and lioness in a crowd because everyone is focused on them. Because the Leos are often in the spotlight, they notice each other immediately. The Leo woman possesses the same raw energy he does, and they recognize the pride and determination of the other since they also feel this way.

She admires his regal nature, and he is one of the few who commands her attention because of this. The Leo man is attracted to her grace and charm at first, which then grows into admiration for her tenacity. Both the Leo male and Leo female have an enormous sense of adventure, and she is looking for someone who can prowl the plains with her.


Leo men, of course, match this description and love this quality about Leo women. Together the Leo woman Leo man couple are a force to be reckoned with, as long as they run along a common path. They are very supportive of their mate as long as their goals match their own.


This is true in the bedroom as well. Both are passionate and adventurous, and they create fireworks when together. They know what their partner wants for they want the same thing. The physical pleasure is off the charts, and they challenge each other’s stamina and sexual prowess. Know more about Leo man sexuality and Leo woman sexuality.

leo woman leo man

Leo Woman Leo Man Relationship – Cons

The only thing they have to be careful of in their sexual activities is getting tangled up in each other’s aggression. The Leo male in love is the king, and the female is the queen, meaning they both want to rule the castle. He may expect her to be less dominant with her feminine energy, but she won’t have any of that.

Even though they enjoy the sex, in the same manner, it will be difficult for either one to change their stance in this relationship. If they can agree to take turns or find ways to be equal partners in their lovemaking, they will turn up the heat to blazing levels.


This sun sign will also need this kind of compromise outside of the bedroom. The Leo couple both enjoy a good adventure, but they will only enjoy it together if they can agree on where to go. This should not be a problem often, but they may disagree from time to time. That’s when their claws will clash, and neither one will back down from the fight. This happens when the Leo woman is dating the Leo man or vice versa.

It will take some patient and balanced measures to bring these two zodiac signs back to the harmonious relationship in which they take pride. But if the Leo man can remember how much more powerful he becomes with her by his side, he might be able to control his temper in this Leo compatibility.

And if the Leo woman in love focuses on his fierce loyalty to her, she may soften up as well. It’s because the Leo woman complements the Leo man so completely that they will be able to overcome their mutual egotistical natures.


Leo is a fixed fire sign, the Leo woman Leo man compatibility gets a FOUR Hearts rating. It just takes time and familiarity to know when to back off and when to push, and they are both devoted to making this a lasting relationship. Because of this strong commitment and excellent love compatibility, they will strive to make their partner happy and keep their union a healthy one. This zodiac match will be full of life and passion.


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