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Giraffe Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Giraffe Animal Totem Symbolism

The giraffe towers over the rest of the animal kingdom in all its not-so-subtle majesty. The giraffe’s unmatched height plays a major role in the spiritual symbolism that it offers, with themes of internal vision and foresight.

The giraffe’s most prominent feature is obviously its long neck. From this we are urged to inspect our own network of social connections and the roles that we play. The stretched out neck prompts us to explore how we have stuck our own necks out for others (family, friends, colleagues, etc.) and what that has resulted in for us.

The Giraffe symbolism encourages us to reach as far as we can in all of our endeavors, always putting our best foot forward and believing that the sky is the limit. Rise up and accept the challenges that life throws at us.

However, the giraffe also moves with grace and elegant poise, which serves as a reminder that we, too, should strive to move through our lives, especially during the difficult times, in a similarly rhythmic, nimble manner.

Giraffe Associated Traits

Beauty, Intuition, Patience, Perception, Discernment, Gentleness


Symbolic Meaning Of Giraffe

While contemplating the spiritual value of this refined creature, you should consider the general symbolism that it offers us. In addition to vision and elegance, the giraffe animal totem can teach us lessons in beauty, patience, perception, discernment, and gentleness.

Giraffes are also a symbol of protection, as their characteristic eyelashes protect their eyes, and thus vision, from being obscured. Humans must protect their vision, as well, as it is one of the greatest tools and assets that we possess.

Along with their thick and luscious lashes, giraffes also have a third horn that is sometimes overlooked. This horn lies between the eyes and symbolizes a third medium for vision. A third eye has symbolic ties to intuition, swift recognition and clairvoyance. All three of which are traits that benefit us in our quest to see clearly into our futures.

When we feel like we are being blinded by silly distractions, we call upon the message of the third eye and refocus on what lies ahead. We should utilize the gifts of insight and grace in motion to navigate through the cloudy points in life and emerge skillfully back into the light.

Furthermore, a giraffe’s black tongue – another of its most defining characteristics – also provides us with meaningful guidance. The lengthy tongue reminds us to be eloquent and deliberate in our speech while taking care not to over-talk or get tongue-tied.

Celtic Animal Birth Sign Reading

Date of Birth:

The Giraffe spiritual totem come into our lives when we need a bit of guidance. Sometimes, we need a little kick in order to take direct action and follow through. Those who match well with the giraffe have an incredible gift of perception and inner awareness.

This towering animal gives us a sign that it’s time to allow your keen insight and prudence to lead the way. We must be able to trust in our gut instincts and listen to our hearts because, deep down, we are the ones who know ourselves.

Others around us can recognize the gentleness and gracefulness that we exercise in our action-taking and appreciate the words of wisdom that we can share with them. This is especially true with close family and friends, with whom we have strong ties.

Have a clear vision of what lies ahead in the future and never become complacent in your foresight. The giraffe symbolic meaning implies that life will always be much more difficult than it needs to be until we can remain on due course.

When a giraffe spiritual guide presents itself to you in your dreams, it is a continuance of this suggestion. Maybe you have veered off your path and need to be reminded to examine the broader view of where your life is headed.

Additionally, a giraffe animal totem can also symbolize that you have been sticking your neck out on the line for someone as of late and that you should look forward to determine if this is the best decision.

If this animal is running, there is a strong implication that you, too, are running away from the problem or are avoiding the apparent truth. Fight this at all costs and do well to never forget your inner strength and savvy.

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