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Phoenix Spirit Animal Totem Meaning: The Keeper Of The Fire

Phoenix Animal Totem Symbolism

The mythical phoenix spirit animal is the keeper of the fire in all of creation. It signifies transformation, death, and rebirth in its fire. As a powerful spiritual totem, the phoenix is the ultimate symbol of strength and renewal. As both a fire and solar symbol, the phoenix animal guide is symbolic of the sun, which “dies” in setting each night only to be reborn in rising the next morning.


In this sense, it never truly dies; rather, it is an immortal creature continually rising from the ashes. All of its attributes stay on theme with these ideas. In addition to the above-mentioned traits of power, transformation, rebirth, and life, the phoenix spirit totem is also widely regarded as a prominent symbol of the season, coherence, longevity, imagination, and protection.


Native American Symbolism of The Phoenix

The Phoenix animal is a global symbol of rebirth. The Phoenix is a unique bird that has no mates, nor does it have young ones. Most people believe that the Phoenix legend originated from Greece. The Phoenix symbol was first established on the Great Seal of the United States. This was back in 1782. It took some time when the symbol to change from the Phoenix to the Eagle.

The Thunderbird is what the Native Americans called the Phoenix bird. The Thunderbird of the Native Americans was large, red, and colorful. It held great significance in the Native American Culture. It is believed that Thunderbird had strong and wide wings that when it flapped and beat them, the same caused rain and thunder.


Since the Phoenix animal totem was associated with weather patterns, the Native Americans would use its feathers for healing and magic. The feathers were also used in rituals that brought about abundant harvests to the natives.

The Phoenix Bird In Dreams

What does the Phoenix spirit Animal signify in dreams? You should know that dreams are a gateway to reality. They enable you to know what your life will be and the path you should take in life.

Phoenix’s significance in dreams follows the path of transformation, renewal, hope for a better tomorrow, positive changes, immortality, and resurrection. If you keep on dreaming about the Phoenix, know that great things are about to happen in your life.


Phoenix Associated Traits

Rebirth, Transformation, Immortal, Power, Coherent, Imaginative, Protective, Balanced, Hopeful.

Phoenix Spirit Animal

Phoenix Spirit Animal: Symbolic Meaning

The phoenix’s symbolic meaning has made its mark on various cultures throughout history. For example, the Chinese believe that this spiritual bird was sent to Earth to assist in the development of mankind. Typically, they view the phoenix as coming in twos, one male and one female, representing yin and yang energy.

In this regard, it signifies the inherent necessity for balance in the world. The female phoenix totem symbolizes yin energy, characterized as passive, psychic, and a deep thinker. She is also paired with the moon, darkness, and the winter season. In turn, the male phoenix deals with yang energy, an icon of assertion and bold action. He is thus paired with the warmth and light of both the sun and the summer season. Together, they form the dynamic phoenix symbolic partnership. As an emblem of a two-person alliance, a pair of phoenixes was often given as a wedding gift in Chinese culture to wish the couple a happy and loving marriage.

Phoenix Symbols

Phoenix symbols were also prominent in ancient Greek astrology. According to the historian Herodotus, it was a mythical bird that originally came from the modern-day Ethiopian lands. He described it as immensely large and beautiful, forming its nest from cypress branches. All other birds build a nest in preparation for becoming parents and creating a stable household. But the phoenix animal spirit was thought to be constructing its death bed. The creature would go there to die, setting itself on fire using its heat and burning to ashes. After three days, it would emerge from these ashes, reborn anew.

This process signified its ability to live on forever, resurrecting from its death sentence. Another Greek, poet Hesiod, also made bold claims about the phoenix animal totem, writing that it could live longer than nine generations of ravens, which were highly symbolic of longevity in that time (about 700 BC). Thus, the Greeks placed a high value on the phoenix, utilizing its message in many different avenues of artistry.

Biblical Meaning Of The Phoenix Spirit Animal

Seeing the Phoenix in ancient Egypt meant a lot. The Phoenix is described as a bird almost similar to an eagle but is covered in red and gold colors. The legend of the Phoenix was expounded further not only by the Egyptians but the Greeks and Romans.

Medieval Christians held that how this spirit animal dies is symbolic of resurrection, renewal, and hope. The myth holds that before the Phoenix bird dies, it builds a nest of incense twigs, lays down in the nest, and dies. From the decaying corpse emerges a worm that transforms into a new Phoenix due to the heat of the sun.

It is written in the Bible, ‘The just will sprout like the Phoenix.’ This, the medieval Christians believed, is a sign that the Phoenix dies and comes alive again. This is symbolic of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus died, and on the third day, He rose from the dead and brought light and hope to the world.

The Phoenix’s Symbolism Of Christ

Across the Adriatic, the Romans also took great symbolism from the majestic phoenix. It was employed as a symbol of the everlasting continuation of the mighty Roman Empire. It was even featured on their monetary coins, reminding all who touched them of the invincible strength of the Empire and its law. Although the Empire eventually collapsed, the people of the region continued to hold on to the legend of this creature, notably after the time of Christ.

The phoenix’s ability to sacrifice itself willingly to death only to be reborn was a strong representation of Jesus for Christians. Even up until the Middle Ages, people of this region associated the phoenix in ashes with Christ dying on the cross and returning from the dead after three days.

When the mighty phoenix animal totem presents itself to you, it is sending you strong messages of hope amid despair. We all experience tough times that drag us down and make us feel engulfed in negativity. It is sometimes hard to imagine pulling ourselves out of them.

During these times, we can call upon this phoenix symbolism for strength and a renewal of energy to keep us fighting the good fight. No matter what trials we encounter in our lives, the phoenix symbolism is always there to remind us that we can endure. By helping us to transform our lives and live more purely, it allows us to get into a deeper connection with our spiritual awareness.

Phoenix Spirit Animal: Conclusion

Phoenix’s symbolism gives us hope for a better tomorrow. It is a sign that great things will manifest in your life because of hope and faith. Just as the Phoenix rises from its ashes, so will you be able to face the challenges in life and emerge victorious after loss and devastation.

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