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What Is Your Greek Zodiac Sign?

What Is Your Greek Zodiac Sign?

The Greek Zodiac, like most Western versions, contains 12 signs, each connected to one of the gods or goddesses of ancient Greece. Each of us seeks answers as to why we do things the way we do and this astrology reading can give you good information in regard to this concern. Knowledge of your personality allows you to work around any flaws and to emphasize your actions.

Greek Astrology

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To know which Greek Zodiac Sign is correct for you, you must first find out your Greek astrology interpretation. A reading in Greek astrology considers the planetary positions, and their cumulative and relative influences on individuals. It is said that the God or Goddess who rules your sign will decide your nature. Therefore the Greek God that represents your Greek zodiac sign represents you.

Using the date of birth of October 1, 1955 as an example, the Greek planet deity for this individual is Venus, the goddess Aphrodite and the sign Themis. The sign carries the meaning of law of nature.

Themis is said to be a counselor, and representative of law, good order, and custom. Themis is the one who will organize large groups of people, and will guide the world to conform completely to societal mores. He is supposed to connect to the holy voice.

The colors attached to this person would be pink, blue and lavender. Her gemstones are opal, tourmaline and agate. The image usually portraying the sign is a woman carrying a scale. One of her children is Prometheus. You can see quite a bit of information is provided about the Greek Astrology sign in the reading.

In 2014, it may seem strange to connect to Greek horoscope of gods and goddesses who come from antiquity. There is a good reason for this however. When one looks at the gods and goddesses, each one of them portrays a range of common human characteristics. Each of the gods and goddesses has a different combination of typical characteristics.

This allows a wide range that is necessary to look at real life people in terms of character and temperament. Hestia, the goddess of the earth, is gentle, caring and giving, and forms the nucleus of family.

Hera is given to jealousy which given Zeus’ roaming eye is quite appropriate. Once you become aware of your Greek Zodiac Sign you will be able to determine how the traits of the Greek God for that sign matches your character.

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