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Neptune In Scorpio Meaning: Positive Energies

Neptune In Scorpio Meaning: Spiritual and Protective

What does it mean to have Neptune in Scorpio? These people are very particular about everything in their lives. How you respond to change will define you. In other words, everyone will see the champion inside you because you are the champion. Besides, you have to settle and start living life instead of letting life live in you. Notably, you have to fight back and overcome everything that is going to happen in your life.


Moreover, Neptune in Scorpio luck implies that you have to dedicate yourself to greatness. On the other hand, greatness comes to those who support one another. Also, it is possible to be part of your success and never expect luck to make you successful. Equally, you have to play your role first, and luck will come to your life.


Neptune in Scorpio Natal Chart

Element And Quality: Water & Fixed

Celebrities With Neptune In Scorpio: Brad Pitt, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Salman Khan, Prince, J.K. Rowling

Positive Keywords: Intuitive, Intense, Impeccable, Spiritual, Protective

Negative Keywords: Cold, Aloof, Revengeful, Obsessive, Fiery, Possessive, Jealous


Neptune In Scorpio: Personality


No other zodiac sign feels things more deeply than Scorpio. That is why Neptune in Scorpio finds inspiration in the most unlikely of places. They tend to focus more on the darker side of life. This leaves them intrigued but sometimes depressed at the same time. Equally, you are supposed to be in a better place because you have maintained your good work. Notably, be ready to come out stronger.


Neptune in Scorpio Compatibility

Neptune represents intuition and psychic abilities, illusions, spiritual awareness, confusion, dreams, fantasies, and aesthetic likes and dislikes. Some of these things come naturally to Neptune in Scorpio, while others are tougher to achieve. Sometimes you will feel that you are failing in whatever you are doing. Probably, you have failed because you never did something right, or you failed because you are trying something new.


As Scorpio is a water sign in astrology, they feel everything right down to their very soul, making them an intense person. It’s because of this that their intuition is impeccable – they can read anyone like a book. (Find out how to strengthen your psychic abilities).

The Neptune In Scorpio

Neptune in Scorpio Astrology

One of the few places Neptune in Scorpio finds spiritual enlightenment is in the bedroom. This is the only place they allow their true feelings to shine through. They feel sex is the most profound way to express themselves. Their mysterious nature often draws people to them, and their magnetism is raw and unwavering. More so, everyone who will take a spiritual path will get everything they are looking for.

Neptune in Scorpio Marriage

Generally, Neptune in Scorpio woman represents the strength of a woman. Every woman in the worldly realm plays a major role in every family and community. On the other hand, Neptune in Scorpio Man shows the dream of every man that is designed to accomplish. Probably, when the two come together, then they will become unstoppable.

They can focus on ways to improve their lives and the lives of others. Then, they will lead to a happier, more satisfying existence. They have the determination to do so. But, they need positive energy to make it happen. Besides, positive energy will change your life because you have the understanding that you matter a lot in life.

Neptune in Scorpio Career

This sign people don’t like to show any emotion. And they keep everything bottled up inside. So when they have an idea, they rarely show any excitement or enthusiasm. (Read more about your Neptune Spiritual sign).

This can be confusing for those who are involved. These people can never tell how important something is to a Neptune in Scorpio. They don’t want anyone to know. They try to keep everything close to the vest. Besides, when you have the attitude to go after something, then go for it.

Is Neptune in Scorpio Good or Bad?

Their relationships are not easy, and it takes a strong person to keep up with their fiery passion. They also tend to be possessive of their lovers, and they can turn jealous quite easily. Of course, they would never tell their partner about this. This leaves their lover confused as to why they are getting the cold shoulder. (Find out if you are dating a control freak?)

Neptune in Scorpio Charisma

It’s this great illusion they have where they have shown you their true self. Therefore you must keep their secret safe and hidden. They fiercely protect their loved ones and expect that same kind of protection in return. When it doesn’t happen as they thought it would, they can spiral down into the deepest state of depression.

Neptune in Scorpio is one of the rare star signs that find more pleasure and inspiration from the darkest of places. Because of this, they can often get addicted to smoking, drugs, alcohol, or any other addiction that allows them to be outside of themselves for a while. They need to find constructive ways to overcome the negativity and intensity behind them before it completely consumes them. (Read about planet Neptune’s Symbolism).

Neptune in Scorpio Wealth

Their friends and family are their best option for keeping them grounded in reality, as long as Neptune in Scorpio doesn’t push them away. They can become so obsessed with an idea, place, or person that it takes a lot to break them out of the trance in which they place themselves. Besides, the faith that you have will eventually give you patience.


The Neptune in Scorpio astrology shows that if these people feel that they have been wronged most slightly, they will make you pay one way or the other. They don’t forgive or forget – ever. This is the quick sting of the scorpion’s tail before you even realize they have struck you. More so, you understand how someone feels when they fail in life. What they should know further is to keep going and not live with regrets.

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