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Aztec Symbolism: Meanings For Creation

What Does The Aztec Symbolism Represent?

The Aztec Symbolism shows the perception and willingness to get the right things in your life. It assists you in making choices that are viable and can help in evaluating every set of life. You have to let go of any past mistakes that might be blocking the flow of your success. So, abide by what will bring change and embrace the skills that will help you to achieve something in your future. Be positive about every set and even think of going up on your goals.


Additionally, it represents the fertility and the general well-being of the future. So, everything you do has to come to terms with your goals and experience the right feelings towards life. Hence, you have to know the right path that will uplift your inner motivations and find success. Hence, keep going for what you know will help you get the success you are waiting for. But you have to work hard and look into your targets.


What Is The Aztec Symbolism For Strength?

The Aztec symbolism represents power, strength, and courage. It shows the importance of trusting your abilities and the skills that can help you in making life more valuable. Hence, you have to enrich your thoughts in such a way that will be close to your goals. You must look into your ideas and foresee the right path in the direction you are sure will help you make life simpler. Focus on your inner power as it will be the stand that ejects any negative force that affects your life.


Of course, Aztec Symbolism is helping you to conquer something that will open opportunities for your future. So allow yourself to be creative, think of the best viable ideas for health, and promise a great future. You have to be comfortable in what you do and allow the inner wisdom to guide you in what you do. Self-doubt should not be blocking the flow of your blessings. Focus ahead and empower your feelings to eject anything that is not serving your purpose in life.


What’s The Meaning of Aztec Symbolism Tattoos?

It displays the important inner strength that can help you protect against anything that might ruin your progress. Appreciate every step that you make in the right way. Nothing should stop you from reaching the epicenter of your targets. Work hard and be serious with your plans. Inner wisdom will play a major role in ensuring you achieve something big. So, be open to changes that will be important in your future dreams. Let your willingness and determination help you in making strides in the right way.

Leave nothing to chance. You aim at getting your goals in the right way. The Aztec symbolism will help you when you are top-notch of events. The strength will come and support your ambitions as you enter the race that will change your life for the better. Be ambitious and think of a great future full of wealth and health. Never think of giving up on your life s you have the support of the divine world.

Aztec Creation Symbol

The Aztec symbol for creation is a group of five swirly circles. There is one circle in the middle, no bigger and no smaller than the other circles. The other four circles surround the middle circle.

Like a compass, the surrounding circles would match the north, west, south, and east markers. All these circles lie within one large circle that has no swirls inside of it.

This is a great tattoo idea if you are mesmerized by the myths and lore of the Aztec people. If you like their creation story or creation stories generally or think it looks cool, then go for it. No matter why you are getting the tattoo, you should at least know a little bit about this Aztec symbol’s meaning and the mythology behind it. If nothing else, knowing the history will give you a story to tell later.

Aztec Symbolism

One Aztec Symbolic Meaning of Creation

There are many different myths of the Aztec symbolism for creation, but we will go with the most recent one. The ancient Aztec people believed that we were on our fifth sun, meaning that the world had mostly destroyed four times before now. The first sun was destroyed by flooding; tigers ate the second; the third was destroyed by fiery rain, and a storm wiped out the fourth. We are now on our fifth sun, and we will discuss the creation of sun number five because of this.

After the fourth sun was destroyed, the Aztec gods decided who would become the next Sun to carry on life on Earth. A proud man, Tecciztecatl volunteered for the position. However, when the time came for him to jump into the fire that would make him the sun, he backed out. He was too afraid to become the sun.

Instead, Nanahuatl jumped in the fire. Tecciztecatl was ashamed and jumped in after him. Now there were two suns, and that just wasn’t right with the other Aztec gods. The other gods threw a rabbit at Tecciztecatl for following the first Sun. This dimmed his light and turned him into the moon instead.

Even though Nahuatl was now the sun, he would not move. People began to sacrifice themselves so that he would move and sustain life on earth in the process. This is part of why Aztec culture was full of blood, animal, and even human sacrifice. The Aztecs believed that they would not be destroyed like the four before it if they continued to sacrifice to the fifth sun. This is why the sacrifices went on until Aztec culture itself ended or at least heavily dispersed.

Aztec Creation Symbolism

The Aztec creation symbol stands for creation, but it also represents a few other things. For instance, the five circles that make up the symbol symbolize something special themselves: creation, life, order, vitality, and astrology. These individual symbols help to explain the makeup of the symbol as well as Aztec culture. The symbol is very organized, and the Aztec people paid close attention to the stars and were well-versed in astronomical things.

Each of the outside circles that make up the Aztec creation’s symbolic meaning can also represent an Aztec god: Quetzalcoatl, Tezcatlipoca, Huitzilopochtli, and Xipe Totec. The god Ometeotl could have represented the central circle. Other, more symbolic, meanings for the symbol include the circle of life, life and death, renewal, order, good and evil, and female and male.

Now that you know the history and symbolism behind the Aztec sign of creation, you can better decide if you want to make this your next tattoo. If you already have this tattoo, then you now have some good stories to go with it.


Finally, Aztec Symbolism is talking of being creative and innovative. Plus, the need to use your inner energy correctly. So, you are supposed to stick to what works best for your life. Be courageous enough and use it to climb to ladder of success. Rely on your thoughts and ideas as they will guide you to getting something fundamental in your life.

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