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Punarvasu Nakshatra

Punarvasu Nakshatra: General

Spanning the cusp of Gemini and Cancer, Punarvasu the 7th Nakshatra is governed by the goddess Aditi, the mother of the gods.

The Punarvasu Nakshatra spans both Gemini and Cancer and is known as the playground of the Goddess Aditi. The mother of the gods, Aditi is as limitless as the cosmos.


She presides over the accumulation of wealth and abundance according to Vedic astrology. Also referred to as the “Star of Renewal” Aditi is associated with productivity, noble action, and the protection of children. Aditi symbolizes the lengthening of days and hosts the summer solstice.


Personality Traits

Aditi birth star natives seem to have limitless energy and inner strength and they appear to experience few challenges in life. This is not the case. Their resilient nature enables them to face obstacles head-on and adapt readily to change. This makes it appear as though they are unaffected in the face of adversity.


Deeply philosophical they have strong spiritual beliefs and may possess a great deal of wisdom. They are generally charming, forgiving, and generous to a fault. Endowed with all the positive energy of Aditi, these people may have a reserved attitude towards life.


Physical Appearance

In general, these natives are tall with long, oval faces and a well-formed bone structure. Many will have a birthmark or other identifying feature on their face, head, or shoulders.


Attitude & Life Path

These people are endowed with a noble sense of self and strong moral values. They are emotional, affectionate, and kind people. However, when challenged their soft gentle approach may quickly become a highly aggressive, forceful presence.


Creative types, the Punarvasu are drawn to the arts, particularly poetry and literature. They can also be found to excel in the clergy, travel, tourism, trades, marketing, and environmental sectors.


Family Portrait

Sincere and obedient children, they hold great respect for their parents and seek to uphold family traditions. Marriage may be difficult, particularly when chronic health problems are involved. Theirs’ is not a quiet, peaceful home and these individuals will be subject to much stress and anxiety.


Prone to stress and nervous disorders, they have strong digestive systems and can maintain good health when they remember to drink plenty of water.

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