Friday, June 25, 2021

Soul-Centered Astrology

Influence of Astrology on your Soul

Can you enlighten me on the whole moon, sun, rising, and such? Yes, I can briefly tell you what they mean.

The Sun, Moon, and Rising sign are the most important aspects of the chart which represents our soul. The Sun is the essence of our incarnation, the principle we will live up to in this life, the person who we are growing into. It is who we are. It will always be obvious to you that you are your Sun sign, but the strength of it in your life grows over time. It is your destiny.

The Rising sign is how we get there, it is our behavior, our orientation to the world. People may think when they first meet you, that your Rising sign is your Sun sign because it is how we come off to people. It is how we interact with others. The Moon is more hidden, it is our inner self, our emotional side.

It has a lot to do with the family (everything does, really..). An interesting way to think of it: the Moon is who you were as a child, the way you unconsciously were in relation to your family. The Rising sign is who you learned to become as you got near the teenage years, the skills you learned when it came to interacting with people.

The Sun sign is who we are meant to be, the person our life turns us into if we follow our life path. It is something you will grow into in the 20s and 30s when you are shining in your own unique light. But that inner child (the Moon) will always be inside you, it will be your instinctual side you revert back to. And the Rising sign will always be a tool you can use, will always be how you view the world.

The rest of the planets (if that’s what you meant by “and such”) are devoted to different aspects of the psyche. Mercury is our brain/mind, how we communicate and learn. Venus is our love-style, what we value, how we are in relation to others.

Mars is our passion, drive, aggression, how we achieve in the world. Jupiter is how we expand and find meaning, Saturn is how we restrict and learn the hard way. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto travel slowly through the zodiac, so they are generational.

But the houses they are in in your chart are personal. Uranus is where you are creative and break out of boxes of tradition, Neptune is where you are dreamy, idealistic, or maybe disconnected from reality. Pluto is where things tend to transform, to go to the depths of the darkness of you, to die and be reborn, to be really intense. All together represent the astrology of your souls.

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