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Planetary Aspects

Planetary Aspects Calculator

In tropical astrology, the aspects between each planet have an extraordinary influence upon an individual. Already, even without the aspects, the sign and house placements of each planet, influences the lives of everyone. The planets are a type of energy and the houses are a place within life that the energy is distributed most profoundly, and the sign it occupies is how that energy is channeled.

Already we have a diverse, highly complex structure, of how a personality and a life are influenced based upon these three different concepts: the planets, the houses, and the signs. This is only touching the basic way of how a horoscope makes sense as a whole.

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The planets, as well as other points in astrology such as the ascendant and nodes of the moon, are set in the horoscope in certain amounts of degrees away from each other. Within the distances in the circle of the horoscope, the planets are a particular amount of degrees apart. Unless the planets are at the same degree of the same sign, making a conjunction, then they have a different aspect to each other. These aspects between planets form a type of relationship.

Like all relationships, there are different characteristics that make each one very unique. One of the first aspects that are noticeable at a quick glance of a horoscope is the conjunction. A conjunction between two planets is when the two planets are within 10 degrees of each other.

Some astrologers narrow down the range to only 6 degrees, but it is more common to allow 10 degrees and no more, to be labeled as a conjunction. When this occurs, it is like the planets have teamed up and are working together within your natal chart.planetaryKnowing what aspects you have in your horoscope chart will help you to predict how your personality fits into certain situation. This is predicted based on the relationship to the planets involved and what energies they create and how those energies help or hinder particular situations in life.

Know more about yourself. Find out what planetary aspects are in your natal chart. Fill out your birth information in the aspect calculator and you will receive a detailed report explaining every single aspect to every planet in your horoscope.

Planetary Relationships

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