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Butterfly Spirit Animal Totem Meaning – Does It Mean Change? Find Out!

Butterfly Animal Totem – Discover The True Meaning

The Butterfly spirit animal is the very symbol of the light soul. It moves throughout the world on sheer gossamer wings like leaves dancing on an unfettered breeze. Butterflies do not move quickly, and in some cases, do not seem to even move with purpose. But that is just her light and playful nature coming into play.


Additionally, another lesson that is important to those chosen by Butterfly is its life cycle. It Begins as a caterpillar crawling upon a branch and leaf. Then, it lives to form a chrysalis in which great transformation takes place.

Butterfly Associated Traits

Metamorphosis; changing life cycles, rebirth, and renewal. Flight above earthly concerns, the soul.

Butterfly Power Animal

The Butterfly power animal gives you the strength to overcome the numerous challenges in your life. You should not let these challenges get the better of you. With strength and confidence, overcome them, and you will be able to live a happy and fulfilled life. Always focus on the things that you can handle and work on them.


Have a broader perspective in life. Butterfly means wanting the best for yourself and working on your goals and aspirations with passion and commitment. This power animal gives you the strength to look at the obstacles in your life as things that cannot and will not derail your growth.

The Butterfly Spirit Animal will elevate you from the burden of your troubles and bring you to a place of light, joy, and happiness. Always focus on inviting more bliss into your life. This way, you will live your best life and make the best of every opportunity that presents itself.


Always associate yourself with light. Attract brightness into your life and do all that you can to forget about your dark past. The things that happened in the past should not cloud your judgment. Move on and create a better future for yourself while making your present life worth living.

Butterfly Spirit Animal

What Does Butterfly Spirit Animal Personality Say?

The Butterfly as a spirit totem carries certain important messages. The color of their wings encodes these messages. The butterfly is an unobtrusive creature. Therefore, it moves silently upon the wind and settles with equal grace upon any surface it may alight. This way, it serves as a quiet guide fluttering messages into our lives. It helps bring us forth into the future we pursue.


Notably, the lesson shown by butterfly symbolism in its chrysalis is one of grace under change. The time it takes to prepare for a change in our life is long. Indeed, according to the butterfly animal totem, we must store and gather our resources.

What Does Butterfly Spirit Animal Mean?

Furthermore, we need to prepare to take the time to go through the transformation when it arrives. Our Chrysalis represents our chamber of transformation.  It is a place we should go within our hearts and minds while all is in flux.

There is a warning in the story of the misguided compassion of the lover of Butterflies. Finding a Butterfly attempting to escape its Chrysalis and seemingly being unsuccessful. He took it upon himself to set it free from its birthing chamber. In doing so, he spelled its doom. Its wings failed to develop the necessary strength to fly, deprived of its struggle.

In essence, this carries with it a butterfly spirit meaning. It is a fact that the struggle for change we go through in a time of transformation is important. The challenges strengthen us, drive us forward, and allow us to grow and expand.

Also, it helps us prepare ourselves for the journey this change speaks of. The meaning of the butterfly symbol shows that without these struggles, we can find ourselves unprepared. Like the child learning to swim merely tossed into the water, we will flounder and fail.

But once we gain those wings, we benefit from the immense transformation we go through. Hence, we can fly. Truly, we can balance ourselves on our achievements and fly above our lives and through our challenges. We will have gained the ability to look down upon our lives with clarity. Moreover, we see the concerns we have raised above.

Butterfly Spirit Animal In Your Dreams

When a Butterfly visits your dreams, there could be many interpretations for the occurrence. Firstly, the appearance of a Butterfly in your dreams means that there is positive change on the horizon, and the same will soon manifest in your life. Be ready for the said changes and embrace them with open arms.

Butterflies being humble creatures, appear to you when soon you might become a parent. It comes into your dreams to let you know that you will be a good mother or father. Having these creatures survive on their own from childhood to adulthood, you should know that you have what it takes to take care of yourself without much help from others.

Also, seeing a Butterfly means that you need to get out there and start being social with people. Do not hold yourself back from interacting with people. Make good friends that will enable you to become the best that you can be. Always have a social circle that brings out the best in you.

Inevitable change will come into your life, and you should be ready for the same. For your life to improve, you need to change some things. To improve in life, you need to be uncomfortable at times. It is not all the time that things will go in your favor.

Native American Symbolism of the Butterfly Totem

Native Americans have always had animals as their central focus. They believe that different animals play different roles and have different relationships with God. The Butterfly in the Native American culture represents change, joy, and love. It is also a sign of the different colors that radiate the world.

Native Americans view the Butterfly totem as a sign of massive transformation and resurrection. The Butterfly goes through different stages in life before becoming an adult, and this is the true representation of our lives as humans. We grow and progress as the years go by, with things changing in our lives daily.

Some communities believe the Butterfly totem is a messenger between the living and the lost loved ones. It carries messages from the world of the dead and brings the same to the living for encouragement.

The Importance of Butterfly Totem

Butterfly means wants you to bring changes into your life. Live a life that you will be proud of in the future. Also, do the things that will guarantee you success. Be colorful and bring light into your life. Brighten your life by always smiling and bringing joy to others.

Seeing the Butterfly totem shows you need to work on your spiritual life. Always focus on what will bring about spiritual awakening in your life. Enlighten your mind, and great things will automatically manifest in your life.

Emerge from within and transform your life. Be the change you want to see in the world. Take charge of your life and focus on what matters most to you and your loved ones.

Butterfly Spirit Animal: Conclusion

Above all, we will find our way through the storms with the Butterfly symbol in our dreams. We overcome the storms by resting quietly in their lee. Equally, we move throughout the world on paths of transformation and self-realization. Take your place within your cocoon. Begin the process, and the Butterfly totem animal will guide you into becoming your best potential.

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